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Hello, I am Yash Sharma

What would you do if you are seeking a govt job and your engineering degree does not help?

What would you do if you want to move up in your career the technology changes too fast?

What would you do if you want to crave for learning new things but do not have money to spend on fancy courses?

I was unlucky when I passed my college. I could not find a good job despite good education. I was unlucky after getting a good job because I didn’t have latest skills. However, I am lucky that I have a learning bone in my body.

You would agree that the colleges have not kept pace with the real world. Their courses curriculum is outdated. So, you have to find for yourself.

What would you do if you are a person like me?

You would, most probably, go for online courses. They are deep, they save time, they give you flexibility to learn.

I also looked for good online courses. I keep on looking for these as and when time permits.

This is how this blog was born.

I am no geek or nerd. I am a normal young person. But I know much more about E-Learning and online learning platform than a normal person.

You will find my insights into different E-Learning platforms on this blog. You will find tips and tricks to select best online learning platform. Do contact me if you need any help.

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