Are LinkedIn Learning (Lynda) Courses/Certificates Worth It?

are linkedin learning courses/certificates worth it

You might be wondering “are LinkedIn Learning (Lynda) certificates worth it”.

An eLearning platform like LinkedIn Learning is worth anything only if it can get you jobs. In that sense, LinkedIn Learning is definitely worth the money and its certificates hold a lot of value. It provides many advantages and benefits to help you in your career.

LinkedIn Learning is similar to many other online learning platforms. It helps in gaining new knowledge, including but not limited to programming, management, and design. But it provides a distinct advantage over other platforms. It can help you in getting interview calls, preparing for an interview, starting a new job or getting a promotion.

LinkedIn Learning provides a certificate of completion at the completion of a course. These certificates can be easily displayed on your LinkedIn profile. This is one of the major differentiating factors between this platform and other eLearning platforms.

Lets find out how LinkedIn Learning can help you in your career.

I would suggest you to take free trial of Linkedin Learning before reading ahead. This way you will be easily able to follow the features described here.

Note: This article is focused on the utility of Lynda courses for job and career. You can read my article on review of Linked Learning for a complete set of advantages and disadvantages of the platform.

Are Linked Learning (Lynda) Courses or Certificates Worth It?

Let us look at a few advantages and features of LinkedIn Learning that can help you in your career.

I. Wide Variety of Courses

LinkedIn Learning offers a wide variety of courses that help you to learn multiple subjects under one subscription. These courses organized under the three major categories viz. business, technology, and creative.

Suppose you want to become a mobile application developer and are looking for programming courses. You will find mobile application development courses on LinkedIn Learning just like other platforms. But, unlike many other platforms,  LinkedIn Learning goes beyond a single course.

LinkedIn Learning works on a subscription model, which allows you to learn as much as you want under a single subscription.  You can gain knowledge of all kinds of programming subjects to get a good grip on mobile application development. It will help you to learn all aspects of writing a software program e.g. learn a major language like C or Java, understand database & SQL, brush your graphic designing skills, gain knowledge about object-oriented concepts, etc.

Similarly, if you are keen to improve your leadership skills, then you can explore the Management, Finance, Negotiation, and Communication related courses. These courses will enable you to make effective, tactical & strategic decisions and improve your human relationship skills.

Employers, nowadays, look for holistic knowledge. LinkedIn Learning provides comprehensive and complementary courses. You can pursue a number of them that fulfill your requirements.

II. Understand a Topic Completely by Enrolling Into a Learning Path

LinkedIn Learning provides option of enrolling a predefined sequence of courses to help you understand a subject completely. These are called Learning Paths. They will help to gain knowledge of a particular subject in a step-by-step manner. By following a path, you can improve your proficiency level from a beginner to an expert in your chosen subject.

This too is a very good feature of LinkedIn Learning, which is missing in some other platforms. The sequence of the courses will enable you to progress sequentially and learn & retain more. It will also help you to focus on small targets before achieving your final goal. You will earn a badge after completing a Learning Path.

As an example, you can follow the Learning Path for becoming a Business Analyst. It has 17 courses, including the following:

  • Business Analysis Foundations
  • Agile Requirements Foundations
  • Business Analysis: Business Benefits Realization
  • Business Analyst and Project Manager Collaboration
  • Requirements Elicitation and Analysis
  • Business Analysis Foundations: Business Process Modeling



Employers, nowadays, look for deep knowledge of a subject. You can gain this knowledge by following courses in a Learning Path.

III. Knowledgeable Instructors

Courses over LinkedIn Learning are designed and developed by industry experts and knowledgeable teachers. Most of them have a vast and rich experience in their respective fields. Their experience and teaching skills will help you to learn new things.


This is a unique advantage of LinkedIn Learning. Unlike other platforms, you can directly look at the Instructor’s profile on and check if her course is likely to be good or not.

IV. Certificate of Completion

Like every other eLearning platform, you will acquire new knowledge after attending the course. But, LinkedIn Learning gives you more than just knowledge. It grants a certificate of completion. A certificate can give you an edge over other job seekers. Furthermore, you can showcase it on your profile.

linkedin learning completion certificate

LinkedIn Learning is part of, which is the biggest platform for finding new job opportunities. It is the preferred source of many recruiters and employers for head hunting. In my opinion, this is the most useful benefit of LinkedIn Learning.

V. LinkedIn Learning for Business and Government

LinkedIn Learning provides facilities to Businesses and Governments to create corporate accounts. Using these accounts employees of these organizations get unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning courses.

Many companies take LinkedIn Learning’s subscription to continuously train their employees and upgrade their skills. When an employer takes a corporate account, it demonstrates that company recognizes and values LinkedIn Learning courses and certificates.

This is another unique feature of LinkedIn Learning. You can find out which companies’ employees are taking LinkedIn Learning courses and what they are learning. You can also apply to these companies after completing a few courses.

VI. Employers like Educational Continuity

Educational continuity has become extremely important for seeking new jobs and getting promotions.

In today’s fast-changing world, employers are always on lookout for knowledgeable and skillful employees. They want people who are abreast with the new technology and innovations. They recognize and appreciate employees and job seekers who continuously keep learning new things.

You can use LinkedIn Learning to continue your education. It can be used for sharpening and developing new skills.

VII. LinkedIn Helps in Job Search

Nowadays, has become the preferred source of employees for recruiters and employers. LinkedIn Learning provides the best way to showcase your knowledge and attract these people.

Disadvantages of LinkedIn

Nothing in this world is perfect. You would know that the advantages and disadvantages of coexists in this world. Likewise, LinkedIn Learning to0 has a few disadvantages.

I. No Accreditation

LinkedIn Learning courses are not accredited by any University or Educational body. It may become a slight hindrance for young people who are seeking a job but it is still good for polishing your skills or continuing education.

II. Anyone can Create a Course

Almost anyone can create a course on LinkedIn Learning. Due to this reason, you will find many shallow courses on the platform. To avoid wasting time and learning good things, you should always choose the best courses from Linkedin Learning.


I believe LinkedIn Learning is worth your time and money. It is an excellent choice for students, job seekers, and experienced people alike. It has a few disadvantages but its benefits outweigh these disadvantages.

You can start with LinkedIn Learning’s free trial to look at some of its courses. I am sure you will like its offerings.

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