Are LinkedIn Learning (Lynda) Courses Accredited and Recognized?

You might be looking to buy LinkedIn Learning (aka Lynda) courses but you might be wondering if Linked Learning courses are accredited and recognized.

At the outset, let me say that LinkedIn Learning (aka Lynda) courses are not accredited. Its certificates are not endorsed or recognized by any University or Institution. Even though most of the LinkedIn Learning certificates are not formally recognized, they hold a lot of value. They are offered by the biggest professional network in the world, which provides 15000+ courses on various job oriented subjects.

In my opinion, non-accreditation to any educational body is the biggest disadvantage of LinkedIn Learning but there is a lot more to this platform than just recognition. It provides a lot of benefits to the learners. I have written this article to enumerate the benefits and advantages provided by LinkedIn Learning that negate the disadvantage on non-accreditation.

I think LinkedIn Learning is a good platform for job seekers. I would suggest you to start with its free one month trial to understand its benefits.

Note: This article is focused accreditation/recognition of Lynda courses and value of its certificates. You can read my other article on top courses on Linkedin Learning to find courses that are suitable for your needs.

Are LinkedIn Learning Courses Accredited/Recognized?

There are a number of reasons why LinkedIn Learning is a good for career oriented professionals. Let’s look at top 4 reasons.

I. Job Oriented Courses and Learning Paths

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform that works on a subscription model. After buying its subscription, you can enroll into any of its courses and learn multiple subjects in one go.

LinkedIn Learning provides a multitude of job-oriented professional courses, which are broadly categorized under three heads viz. business, technology, and creative.

At the time of writing this article, LinkedIn Learning was offering 15000+ courses. It continuously adds new courses. Some of these courses are available in foreign languages such as French and German.

In addition to courses, LinkedIn Learning provides a feature of Learning Paths. The Paths provide a sequence of courses, which help you learn a subject completely.


II. Certificate of Completion is the world’s biggest recruitment platform. It is also the biggest professional social network. You can impress employers and recruiters by upgrading your skills and showcasing your achievements on your profile.

LinkedIn Learning is offered by You can easily showcase your course certificates of

I think this is the biggest and most unique advantage of LinkedIn Learning. It can help you in getting new job offers.linkedin-learning-completion-certificate

III. Professional Certification Exams

In addition to regular courses, LinkedIn Learning also offers in-demand professional certification courses. You will find various courses for attaining professional certificates such as – Certified Analytics Professional, Certified Scrum Master, Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) and Expert, Project Management Institute (PMI).

LinkedIn Learning is also a PMI REP (Project Management Institute Registered Education Provider). You can take its PMP (Project Management Professional) course for achieving a globally renowned PMP certification. In addition, you can use more than 100 courses to get over 200 PDUs (Professional Development Units), which can help you to maintain your PMI credentials.

IV. Recognition from Employers

We have already seen that LinkedIn Learning provides regular and professional certificate courses. It is one of the best platforms to upgrade your skills but its value goes much beyond this.

In the fast-changing world, skills have to be constantly upgraded. Good employers recognize this and take LinkedIn Learning subscription for their employees.

As an individual, you can take the first step and proudly display your course completion certificates on your profile. You can also check what kind of skills recruiters in your industry are looking for.

LinkedIn Learning Certificate Value

LinkedIn Learning certificates offer a good value. There are a lot of benefits for the learners. Here is a brief list of its advantages:

  1. The subscription cost of Linkedin Learning is very low.
  2. You can learn multiple things under a single subscription.
  3. You can directly interact with the instructor and other students using LinkedIn Learning’s forum.
  4. You can learn a new topic by looking at multiple courses from different authors.
  5. You can learn new things from any place at a time convenient to you.

You can also read my detailed article on review of LinkedIn Learning to understand its advantages and disadvantages.


Keeping aside the fact that LinkedIn Learning offers non-accredited courses you can learn valuable things. These will make you ready for your job. Many employers recognize the courses offered by LinkedIn Learning and value your certificates even though they are not accredited.

I would suggest that you should take a free trial of LinkedIn Learning to understand its value.

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