Udemy Certificate Value: Are Its Courses Worth It?

are udemy courses worth it

You might be wondering if Udemy’s certificate has any value and are its courses worth it.

Udemy courses provide great value as you can buy lifetime access to these courses for as little as little as $9.99. 213,000 courses and 62 million students is a testament of Udemy’s worth and utility.

Furthermore, an end of course Udemy certificate gives you a sense of pride and badge of honor. It validates your knowledge about the subject.

I believe most of the Udemy courses are good. You can determine its worth and ascertain its value by enrolling into one of its courses. And, it will cost you next to nothing. You can buy its courses for less than $10.

I have written this article to tell you how you can get the maximum worth of your money by using Udemy. It also contains various career-related advantages and disadvantages of Udemy.

In addition to this article, you can also read my other articles for a general review of Udemy and how you can use Udemy to get a job. Udemy certificates can help you in landing a new job and getting a promotion.

Value of Udemy Courses and Certificates

Udemy offers over 213,000 courses which are crafted by 75,000+ instructors. The courses range from IT & Software to Hobbies, Office Productivity to Personal Development, Design & Marketing to Health & Fitness, and much more.

While the platform continues to soar in popularity, you may wonder if the courses provided by them are worth it at all. If you take up a course and successfully bag a certification, will it showcase your knowledge?

Let’s take a closer look at how Udemy certification and courses can help you in accelerating your career, getting promotions, and increasing respect among the peer group.

1. Thousands of courses

Udemy is one of the best places to further your education, add a new skill to your resume, or honing up your hobby.  There are 213,000+ courses are on offer under various sub-categories.

Udemy offers fabulous discounts, as high as 95%, which makes online learning extremely cheap and affordable. Discounts are available through Udemy coupons.

You can buy a few courses that are related to your subject area without spending too much money.

2. Lifetime access

The courses on this platform never expire! It means, as a student, you get lifetime access to the course material. There is no time limit to complete a course. You are free to work on your own pace without any pressure of any aforementioned deadline. Furthermore, you will get access to updated course material, including revised lectures, as and when your course is updated.

This feature allows you to remain constantly updated with the latest changes in your subject area.

3. Personal development

As a person, you need to be confident, resourceful, and resilient enough to rise above the others.

Some of the Udemy courses can help you to overcome the obstacles and adapt to competitive & ever-demanding job roles. You can find many personality-development courses on Udemy, which will help you free from self-doubt, fears, and insecurities that tend to block you.

Udemy courses on communication, negotiation, and basic life skills can enhance your persona. These can help you in moving up the career ladder.

4. Developing a new hobby

Do you want to try something new as a hobby? Then Udemy is one of the most suitable platforms for you. You can choose from courses on gardening, yoga, meditation, dancing, playing guitar, and so on.

Think about it, you will get professional guidance in shaping up your hobby! Sounds great, isn’t it?

Hobbies can give you peace, tranquillity, and calmness. They can indirectly help you in career growth,

5. Learn a new language

Udemy can help you to learn a new language quickly, minus the need for those expensive face to face classes or language learning software. It has courses that provide an array of tips and tricks to learn a foreign language.

You can choose your language and enroll in their in-depth language courses to broaden your work horizon. This way you can target global companies for your next job!

6. Ratings and Review System

Among the several other wonderful features, Udemy provides a rating and review system to the students. Using this system, students can provide feedback and rate their courses.

So, if you want to invest your money in the Udemy course, you can first look at its ratings and read the feedback. This way you will be able to find a course that has been rated high by a number of students. You will not need to spend time on worthless courses.

You can read my article on the best Udemy courses, which will help you in to find good courses on Udemy.

7. Assignments and projects

Many courses on Udemy include assignments as part of the course curriculum. These could come in the form of quizzes, exercises, or projects. They help you to learn the practical aspects of a subject and not just theory. They help you sharpen and improve the skills that you might have acquired during the course.

Nowadays, employers attach a lot of value to practical knowledge and skills.

8. Course Support

Udemy students are privileged to have direct support and guidance from the course author. You can directly connect with the instructor to learn the finer aspects of a subject or to clear your doubts, Udemy has a provision to contact the instructor via a direct message or through Q&A columns.

In addition, you can also interact with your fellow student through the Udemy course forum. You can freely seek their help to understand the course material.

9. Educational continuity has its own perks

In today’s modern and cut-throat competitive world, doesn’t it seem a good idea to keep adding up to your education? You can use this novel platform not only to upgrade your knowledge but also to remain technically competent in the fast-changing commercial world. Udemy is one place that can give you a lot of value for your buck even if you are on a tight budget. You can bag courses and certifications for as low as $10. So, keep adding new skills to your resume and wait until you get noticed. You never know you might get an interview call from your dream company!

10. Post Certificate on Linkedin

Maximize your exposure to each and every new certification, skill, and accomplishment. Wondering how? Post them on Linkedin, by doing so you are boosting your visibility which can lead to job opportunities. To add your completed course in your profile, you have to update your Learning History. Let me help you do it:

  • On Linkedin, sign into your Learning account.
  • Navigate to your profile picture on the page and click it.
  • Click Learning History.
  • Locate the certificate or course you wish to add and click Add to Profile.
  • Click Add to Profile in order to confirm.
  • You can now view the course in your profile under Certifications.

Take more courses and skills from Udemy and keep adding it to your Linkedin profile. This practice can transform your career and is likely to create opportunities to go to the next level.

Disadvantages of Udemy

By now, I am sure you must be looking out for the ‘not so good’ features of the platform! Here I highlight a few points of consideration:

1. Udemy Courses are not Accredited

The courses offered on Udemy are not accredited, which limits their usefulness. Since they are not accredited by a national, educational, or governing body, it can be a risky affair for students who want to pursue them in order to get a new job.

2. Entry-level Certificates

Many Udemy courses provide entry-level knowledge of a subject. Many companies don’t give too much importance to such courses; they may not help you in getting a new job. Although these courses are a great way to build skills, boost confidence, and increase knowledge; they might not be sufficient to meet the job requirements.

Udemy courses can help you only if you choose them wisely. Don’t just go for an entry-level course. Look out for the other choices that are available.

3.     Need to do More than One Course to Learn a Subject Completely

To learn and excel in any given subject on the Udemy platform, you might be required to take two or more courses. These courses might be from different authors. Even after that, you might need to study various books on that subject to learn it completely.

On the positive side, you can easily buy a few courses to learn the breadth and depth of your chosen subject. Udemy courses are quite affordable and will not put a hole in your pocket.

Final Thoughts

Udemy certificates make the eLearning platform legit. They offer a good value in today’s job scenarios. They reveal that you have successfully completed a course and understand something about a subject. Although they showcase your discipline and dedication, you must keep on investing in new courses and certificates to move ahead in your career.

Udemy is a self-learning online platform. You will need a lot of self-motivation and perseverance to pursue its courses. It won’t be wrong in saying that if you are not self-motivated then these courses are of no use or value to you. So, you must

Udemy is a trendsetter and it has evolved into a market leader. Today, it is the number one platform in the online learning world. Their courses are not only cheap (you can buy them for as low as $10 and in some countries even lesser than that) but can be bought for an entire lifetime.

I would, therefore, suggest that you realize their potential and extract the maximum out of the platform by buying suitable courses and gaining certification.

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