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best udemy android course

Searching for the best android course on Udemy can be difficult considering the number of courses available.

Android is one of the most demanding technology at this point in time. Read more about the future of android developing here.

Android is managed and developed by Google. It is an operating system for mobile. It is based on a modified version of Linux Kernel with some other Open Source Software. Android is the largest mobile operating system for mobile phones in the world right now.

Best Android Course On Udemy

Android Inc. was founded in October 2003 by Andy RubinRich Miner, Nick Sears, and Chris White. But in 2005 Android was acquired by Google. The early years for android were tough but  only in a few years has captured a large market share.


Android has been a major Mobile Operating System since 2011. Earlier Android was focused on Mobile Handset and Tablet Mobile. But now they have expanded their product usage to Mobile TV, Android Cars, Smartwatches, Cameras, Gaming Consoles, etc.  Android is trying to expand in every segment possible.

This has led to a huge rise in demand for Android. Many organizations are developing their apps on Android. For developing apps on Android, organizations need Android developers. This has been the reason for the rise in demand of Android developers.

Top 5 Advantages of Android App Development

Here are the best 5 benefits of Android App Development:

1. Android has a big market share

Android apps have surpassed other players in the market in regard to the number of applications. It has found its base in almost all the continents.

2. Addition of More Features

In order to reach to your targeted audience, there are some must-have features within the app. With Android, it is very easy to integrate those applications. The features might include GPS, login page, etc.

3. Ease of customization

With new trends coming up regularly, it is very important to keep updated. Android offers some of the best customizations for its app which are easy to use.

4. The advantage of Google Assistant

Android provides voice support in the form of Google Assistant. You can get access to several data points, which will make certain tasks a lot easier for you.

5. Data Storage

You will get access to 15GB storage of data for free. You can easily extend it according to your needs. Google has its own cloud storage besides Google Drive.

Android App Development Jobs

For Android developers, the sky is the limit. There are more and more job opportunities generating these days. Every organization is depending upon android developers for their business. With apps they can target more audience in a better way.

Check this for more information regarding Android Development  job opportunities.

You can easily find a job if you have relevant talent and knowledge. As per Glassdoor, the average salary for an Android developer is $97k/year. This might increase with your experience.

Top Android Course On Udemy

Course TitleAuthor/PublisherVideo Length (in hours)No. Of Students EnrolledStudents’ Rating
The Complete Android & Java Bootcamp – Material Design UI/UXPaulo Dichone29.57,165usr [4.3]
Android App Development Masterclass using Kotlin Tim Buchalka, Jean-Paul Roberts, Tim Buchalka’s Learn Programming Academy54.517,700usr [4.4]
Android N: From Beginner to Paid ProfessionalMark Price2514,772usr [4.1]
The Complete Android Developer Course: Beginner To Advanced!Joe Parys, Ashutosh Pawar1797,309usr [4.1]
Android O & Java – The Complete Android Development BootcampPhilipp Muellauer20.530,897usr [4.4]
Android Java Masterclass – Become an App DeveloperTim Buchalka, Jean-Paul Roberts, Tim Buchalka’s Learn Programming Academy6047,525usr [4.4]
The Complete Android N Developer Course Rob Percival, Marc Stock, Codestars by Rob Percival32132,030usr [4.4]
Android Dependency Injection with Dagger 2Vasiliy Zukanov2.53,000usr [4.6]

5 Steps To Learn Android App Development

  1. First of all, you have to have a basic knowledge of Java. If you already are well versed with it then well and good if not then you can find a Java course on Udemy. Refer to this article on selecting a suitable course for you.
  2. Set up the Android Studio IDE on your PC or Laptop. Refer here for more information.
  3. Take any course listed in the table above. This will help you take your knowledge to the next level.
  4. Apply the knowledge that you have acquired. Try to implement whatever you learnt practically.
  5. If you face any kind of problem, refer to this.

Final Thoughts

Learning Android App Development could lead to one of the sought after career options. If you seriously want to become an Android Developer, grab the opportunity with both hands. You can try any of the course listed in the table above.

The courses listed in the above table are some of the best courses that you will find on Udemy.

Over To You

Which course are do you plan on opting? Do let me know in the comments below.

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