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How To Find Best Courses On Udemy – Thumb Rule

Finding the best courses on Udemy could be a headache for someone. There are lots of authors for a single course on Udemy. So finding a gem out of whole dust could be tricky. Here are the steps on which you can find Best Courses on Udemy.

It is one of the largest platforms for E-learning. Udemy provides tons & tons of e-learning courses on its platform. It covers courses on almost every subject be it music, learning any instruments & even the technological topics like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Digital Marketing, etc. You just need to search your subject on Udemy & within a click, you can find all the available courses on their platform. To know more about Udemy, click here.

Udemy has lots of authors on their platform. With the help of these authors, they could cover such a broad range of topic. Adding such a huge No. of authors on the platform has its own advantage & disadvantages. The advantage of this could be that we have the option to choose from ‘n’ No. of authors. But this same could be a disadvantage for Udemy. It could be a headache to choose the right author out of those bulks. 

It is very confusing when it comes to choosing the Best course on Udemy. So to solve this kind of problem for you, I have listed some points. Ongoing through these points you will get an idea on how to choose the best course for you on Udemy.

Top Udemy Courses

Here are points to select Best Courses on Udemy: –

1.Author’s Bio – This is one of the best & first thing to do while sorting for an online course. You definitely need to check the background of the Author. The total no. of courses published by the author, total no. of experience it is having, how good is the author with teaching.
If we are sure with the background of the author, we can proceed further.

Author Profile

2. Students enrolled – we need to check the total no. of enrolled in that particular course. A good thumb rule is that “more the student enrolled, better could be the course”. This depends on the niche that you are choosing.


Total Student enrolled

In some niche students, volume of 5,000 could be not so good (like that of popular topics – Python, Machine Learning, Digital Marketing,etc.) but some niche having the students enrolled by volume of 1,000 could be a good option(not so popular topic like- Russian, learning Music, etc).

3. Rating – checking the rating is important. It tells us the quality of course. Higher the rating, of course, better will be the course. Here is the basic thumb rule that you can use to check the quality of course by rating.

  1. 4.5 – 5 star: – these are usually one of the best courses in their category.
  2. 3.5- 4.5 star: – they are medium levels course. They are in the middle level. They are neither so good nor so bad.
  3. Below 3.5 star:- they are not so good courses or they may be new to this category.
Course Rating

4. Written Reviews – Check for the written review about your course on Udemy. They are one of the best things to check out. By reading the reviews from the previous students, you can a brief intro about what are you about to get in the course. You can also get all the pros & cons of the course.

You can get what is the strong point about the author, or what does the author lacks. By going through these written reviews, you can set in mind if you can Buy this course or not.

Courses review

5. Course Content or Curriculum – Checking for course curriculum or content could be handy. This ensures that we will be getting this kind of things in our course. By checking the content, we can be sure of the content that we are getting what need. In this way, we can avoid the course that contains the content that we don’t need or the content that we already have knowledge of.

Course Curriculum

You don’t like to spend money on course content that doesn’t fit you or you already know about those topics. So it is worth checking topics before buying the course.

You can’t simply ignore any of the above-mentioned points. For e.g., if rating & everything is good but the accent of speaking of the author is not understandable by you than it is just a waste for you. Or suppose you choose a course & after watching it for a while you get to know that you already know what is being taught in the videos, again it is just a wastage for you. So you need to choose the course wisely. You can’t skip any of the steps mentioned above. You got to consider all the points mentioned above.

Bonus Tips

1. Best Selling Author – Udemy normally tagged some authors as “best selling authors”. These are most of the time best courses on the topics that we are searching for. You definitely need to check out this course for sure. They are really worth it.

Best Seller Courses

If you don’t want to do all the hard work, check here to get all the top-selling courses at one place.

2. Intros Videos – Almost every course has a few intros videos. This video provides us with brief ideas about content in the course. We can have a look at these Intros videos before buying the course.

By looking at the intros videos, we can get a glimpse of the author’s style of teaching, accent & pace of speaking, the confidence of the authors, etc.

Author Intro Video

Read the interview of CEO of Udemy  on MOOCs


So these are some of the points that I have mentioned above to select the Best Udemy Course. Considering all the above points could be important as these will help you select any course. Try to include all the points, try to get a mix of all the points & you will land up with the best course that suits you. You can harvest best from that course.

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