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Coding is not just about learning the programming  languages and computers, it’s also a great way to enhance your creativity.

Fun activities and learning curves are key to teaching kids coding. This will help your child learn and interact with coding in a more effective way.

I compiled a list of the top online coding classes that kids can take, to help parents choose a reliable platform.

Best Online Coding Classes for Kids

PlatformAgeFree trialDevice Requirements 
CodeMonkey7+First 30 LevelWeb based (PC)
Codeverse6+1 Class (2 week Money back Guarantee)Web based (PC)
Codespark5-97 DaysApp (Mobile or Tablets)



CodeMonkey offers a fun and intuitive curriculum where students learn to code in real programming languages.

Kids as young as 7 can start lernning coding and use real programming languages to solve puzzles and build games and apps through game and project-based courses.

The majority of courses do not require prior coding experience to teach.

All courses are designed for school, extra-curricular and home-use.

It is the only web-based and does not have any mobile app. Recommended web browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Explorer or Safari with an active Internet connection.

Its curiculum covers universal coding concepts such as Objects, function calls, arguments, loops, variables, arrays, for loops, function definitions, boolean conditions, until loops, if and if-else conditions, boolean operators, keyboard and mouse events.

CodeMonkey also teaches computational thinking as well as other 21st century skills. It is available in 20 languages.

After every challenge you’ll complete, your kid will get a star rating on your solution.

  • The first star is given if you got all bananas.
  • The second star is given if you used what you learned.
  • The third star is given if your code is short and to the point.

Skill mode offers practice challenges that can strengthen your kids understanding of the skills they learned. Skill challenges unlock as kids progress in the game.

Individual child can access the first 30 levels for free.

Parents Plans

  • Individual – 1 Child Account, 1 Parent Account, Progress Tracking, Online Support – USD6 /month
  • Family – 3 Child Accounts, 1 Parent Account, Progress Tracking, Online Support – USD12 /month
  • Home school – 5 Students, 2 Teacher Accounts, Classroom Dashboard, Lesson Plans, Solutions for All Exercises, Online Support – USD20 /month


Codeverse taught with a digital studio with real coding tools and hired the world’s best guides who engage kids in learning, inspire them to learn by doing rather than giving instruction, and give them confidence in their ability to create.

According to Codeverse, if you can read, you can code. So, Codeverse is a personalized learning experience perfect for any kid.

Your kids willl develop critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, and idea generation.

Codeverse guides personalize and customize each child’s learning path, with the number one goal being to make sure that every kid is motivated and excited about what they are learning.

Codeverse Studio is an intuitive and engaging virtual learning tool to which you will have access 24/7.

The programming language that we use to teach kids how to code is called KidScript. It’s an approachable language that replaces unnecessary complexities with an easy to read, easy to write syntax.

You will receive a personal session update from your kid’s Guide after every session to let you know what was covered during class. You can also see your kid’s progress within each coding skill through your Codeverse Parent Portal.

All Codeverse Guides are US-based. Guides are a collective of K-12 certified teachers, seasoned designers, game developers and engineering experts who seasoned. Guides have coached.

When you sign up for a trial class, Codeverse’s welcome team will hand-pair your kid with your Guide. 

After every session, you will receive a survey asking you for feedback and if you would like to work with that Guide again. If not, they will personally reach out to find the perfect guide for you.

  • Unlimited access to Codeverse’s online coding platform
  • Free Live Stream Classes, new each week
  • 1-on-1 50-min coding sessions led by your dedicated Codeverse Guide
  • Personalized notes from your child’s Guide after each class
  • Access to Group Classes to code with other kid creators
  • Codeverse Parent Portal to track your child’s progress, book new sessions, and reschedule sessions at any time

 It offers a full money-back guarantee within your first two weeks with no questions asked.


  • SUPERNOVA LITE – 2 classes per month – USD 109/month
  • SUPERNOVA – 4 classes per month – USD 199/month
  • SUPERNOVA PRO – 8 classes per month USD 349/month


Codespark Academy is the coding app for kids in grades K-5.

Kids learn computational thinking with the lovable Foos by solving puzzles and expressing their creativity through game design. They can even create their own stories.

It is best for 5-9 Years olds because it gives your child an intuitive and word-free interface. This means if your kids dont know to read, they can still start learning to code.

Codespark provides a perfect environment for girls and boys. It is carefully designed to increase engagement in girls and close the gender gap.

Your kids can learn with the Codespark app on your iOS and Android devices.

Learn with Foos. The Foos are fun-loving characters in-game that help kids learn complex concepts while feeling like they’re just playing games.

Kids love The Foos, and their connection with every character helps build a unique relationship and more substantial interest in learning.

The development of codeSpark Academy and The Foos is led by co-founder Joe Shochet, a former Disney Imagineer and Creative Director.

You have a seven-day free trial after you agree to the monthly subscription. After that, you will be charged once the trial expires.

You can register up to three children on one codeSpark Academy account. In addition, your kids can customize their avatars and usernames at any time. 

Multiple kids can use codeSpark Academy at the same time, provided they are using different devices.


  • 6 Months $59.99 USD ($10/mo)
  • 12 Months $89.99 USD ($7.50/mo)
  • Lifetime $179.99 USD ($5/mo*)

All Plans Include –

  • Unlimited access includes puzzles, game creation, story creation, and more.
  • Perfect for ages 5-9
  • Up to 3 kid profiles
  • No Ads. No in-game purchases
  • New content released monthly


Learning coding can be one of the best things about your children’s childhood. But it needs to be fun, not another subject which they think as a burden.

The above examples are the best fun way to start learning coding as a child. But I think your kid should be the one to choose from the above list.

So here is my idea. Bookmark or save this blog URL and start free trails of all platforms one by one. In the end, let your kids decide which they prefer most.

This activity can also improve the decision-making ability of your kid.

Over To You

So, which platform your kids choose to learn from? and ask them why the love them.

Comment down your or your children views on these platforms.


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