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Coursera Cost: Course Fees And Subscription Pricing

You might be wondering “how much does Coursera Cost and what is its subscription pricing?”

Coursera’s pricing is kind of convoluted. At the lower end, Coursera’s certificate courses have a fixed fee and start from $39 whereas Specializations have a subscription pricing that starts from $39 per month. On the higher end, MasterTrack certificates and Degree programs cost a huge amount of money. You will have to pay upwards of $2000 and $15000 respectively to enroll into these programs. Coursera also gives you a choice to take its courses free of charge.

Let me tell you about Coursera’s pricing in complete detail. Before going further, I would suggest you to create a free Coursera login as the course prices are visible only to logged in members.

Coursera Cost And Pricing

Coursera provides a huge range of courses. I will not go into detail on the type of courses offered by Coursera in this article. You can refer to my article that review of Coursera to understand its offerings. The price of a course depends upon the type of course you are buying.

Based on the price, Coursera courses can be categorized into the following groups.

I. Free Courses

At the time of writing this article, Coursera was offering 1200+ free courses. As with any other course on Coursera, these too are provided by the leading universities and top global companies.

These courses are free of any charge for learning purposes. You can enroll into these courses by using “Full Course, No Certificate” option. Coursera will allow you to access full study material and submit required assessments. You will also get a final grade but you will not get the course certificate.

Coursera provides an option to buy the certificate separately. The cost of the certificate varies with the course. It can cost anywhere between $39 to $79. You can find out the cost of the certificate by logging in and going on the course page.

II. Free Audit

Most courses on Coursera are free to learn even if they are not categorized as “free”.

Apart from the courses listed above, Coursera provides an option to audit most of its courses. You can audit these courses without paying any money. When you audit a course, you will be able to watch the videos and study the reading material but you will not be able to submit any assignments or get grades. You will also not get course completion certificates.

Some courses don’t have a audit option. In order to determine if a particular course can be audited or not, you will login to Coursera and then click on Enroll button on the course page. You can enroll into un-auditable courses only after paying money.

Note: Individual courses within a Specialization can be audited but whole specialization cannot be audited.

III. Coursera Free Trials

Coursera provides a free trial of 7 Days.

You can enjoy all the specialization courses during this time period. You can also submit  assignments, watch lectures, participate in forums, etc.

I highly recommend taking the trial so as to get the feel of the platform.

If you are satisfied with the course only then should you continue further.

It never hurts to take a free trial.

Coursera Free Trial

III.  Coursera Cost Per Course

Coursera also provides you with the option  to pay for the course you’d like to opt for just once. You are provided with 180 days to study and finish the course and get a certificate for the same.

A verified course is a single course which has high demand in the industry.

For Example – Java, Python, etc. All these falls into this category.

IV. Coursera Monthly Subscription Cost

The cost completely depends upon the type of course that you choose.

So, a Specialization course ranges between $39-$79/month.

You may question – What is a Specialization Course?

A Specialization Course is a set of 5-6 courses or maybe more which help you  in developing  your skills from the beginner to an advance level.

So, a Specialization Course can be considered as a series of courses to provide you with the complete knowledge of a particular topic.

You get a total of 1-year to complete the specialization from the date of commencement.

V. Coursera Master’s Degree Fees

Coursera also provides you with the facilities to complete a Masters Degree.

Doing a Coursera Master Degree could be a good option while simultaneously doing a job.

Coursera Master Degree fees

Again, the fees of a Master Degree depends upon the Course and the University that you have opted for.

Usually the fee ranges from 10,000 to $25,000.

To enroll for the master degree, you have to apply for the course during a specific time period. You can’t just enroll according to your convenience. The enrollment process depends upon when the course is starting from as it doesn’t cater each individual.

You have to complete assignments, lectures, etc. just as in a traditional course.

Coursera Refund

The refund policy is quite simple in Coursera. If you don’t want to continue any course for whatsoever reason than you are free to get a refund of the course.

Coursera Course Refund

If you have paid the fees for any individual course you can get the full refund within the 2 weeks’ time period.

But there are few reasons for not getting the refund. They are as below: –

  1. You have earned a course certificate.
    2. The 2-weeks’ time periods have passed.

Coursera refund

FAQ – Clearing Some Of Your Doubts

1. Can I transfer my course credit to another course?

Unfortunately, Coursera doesn’t allow transfer of credits to another course. You have to buy the other course if you want it.

2. I want to do only a single course out of the set of specialization courses. Will I get a certificate?

Yes, you can do a single course out of whole set of specialization courses and will be provided with a certification for that course.  You will get a certificate for every course that you complete from the set of Specialization courses.

However, you can’t do the project associated with that specialization.

3. How long do I need to pay for the specialization?

Specialization courses are a monthly based program. That means you only have to pay for the course till the time you finish it. You can cancel the subscription whenever you want.

You have the freedom of canceling the course even after 1st month’s charges.

Final Thoughts

Coursera provides a great learning experience for everyone. It comes with plenty of options to choose from. While a Specialization course will cost you around $39-$89 per month, a master degree will cost around $10,000 – $25,000.

This could be a good option if you want to learn from elite universities of the world. You can learn industrial skills as well as complete your master’s degree.

Over To You

Hopefully I have cleared all your doubts regarding the Coursera costing.

Do let me know in the comments below if there’s anything else I can help you with.

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