Do Udemy Courses Expire? Or, Do You Get Lifetime Access/Validity?

Do udemy course expire

You might be wondering about how long do Udemy courses last. Do Udemy courses expire? Or, do you get lifetime access and validity for its programs?

Udemy courses come with lifetime access and validity. Generally they do not expire and you can continue to access a program throughout your life. However, Udemy may be forced to take down a course or cancel your account under some legal obligations. You will not be able to access a course if such a thing happens.

Lifetime validity gives you freedom to learn from your courses at any time from anywhere without thinking about additional investment.

Let me tell you the details of validity and access period of Udemy tutorials in this article.

Lifetime Access and Validity: Do Udemy Courses Expire?

The courses on Udemy, once bought, are accessible for lifetime. They do not expire. They do not have a specific time duration validity. Once you enroll in a class whether it is free, paid or discounted, you can access it till you have an account on Udemy.

When Lifetime Validity Ceases

There are certain condition or situations when lifetime validity ceases to exits. These are:

1. A Course Is Taken Down by Udemy

There could be a rare occasions when Udemy is forced to take down a course due to legal reasons.

The courses on Udemy are developed and created by third-party instructors. These instructors own the copyright over content and material of their training programs. They give non-exclusive rights to Udemy, which allows them to host the same course on other platforms.

An instructors can discontinue to host his course on Udemy. He could either ask Udemy to completely take down his course or he could ask Udemy to un-publish the course. If the former happens, you can no longer access the course. In the latter case, you can continue to access your course but it is not sold to new users.

A course is usually unpublished under two scenarios viz. when its Instructor leaves the Udemy platform and when a new version of the course is available. In case the former happens, since the instructor is no longer available, you will not get course support from the instructor.

Note: Udemy offers courses in a wide range of subjects. Some of the courses are based on subjects that aren’t prone to regular changes such as yoga. On the other hand, courses related to technology continue to change regularly; they need regular modifications in their subject matter.

2. A Pirated Course is Removed

There have been cases where authors have uploaded someone else’s content on Udemy as their own curse. You can read on such instance here.

So there is a thin chance that you bought a course, which was later found to be pirated. Udemy will remove a course if it is found to be non-genuine.

These things happen rarely so you should not worry about them. However, if such a thing happens, you can always contact Udemy for support. They will give you adequate support.

3. Your Account is Banned

You do not have to pay any regular membership fee to maintain your account. You just have to buy your course once to access it for your lifetime. However, if you can no longer access the course if your account is banned.

Once you sign-up for a Udemy course, you have a responsibility to comply to TOS of Udemy. Udemy may ban your account if you are found to be violating any of the Udemy terms. So it is entirely up to you to maintain your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I access the course after I finish it and a certificate of completion is issued?


2. Will I get lifetime validity if take a course at a discounted price?

Yes. Udemy courses are generally available for as low as $10. You can check out the current discounted offer here.

Final Thoughts

Udemy courses are like a book. After you buy a course it stays with you forever; you can continue to go through it any time after it is bought.

Udemy is a good platform to learn and update your skills. It comes with a host of benefits. You can continue to watch your course videos and keep on revising other study material free of cost.

I would suggest you to buy a few courses of your choice today.

Over To You

Which training programs are you planning to buy? What gravitated you towards Udemy? Was it low price or lifetime access or both?

Let me know in the comments section below.

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    1. Hi Chibaro, Look at the ratings of the course – if the ratings are good and enough people have bought this course, you can go for it. the basics of graphic does not change in 1-2 years.

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