How to Download Udemy Videos And Courses For Free?

download udemy videos

You might be looking for information to download Udemy videos and courses for free. You can easily do so by buying a course of your choice and downloading it on your mobile device through Udemy app. The Udemy app is available on Google’s Android Play Store and Apple’s iOS App Store.

To download Udemy videos, you will have to create a Udemy login and buy the course. Once you buy a course, you will get access to it for your lifetime and you can download it for free through Udemy app. The app itself is free of cost.

In this post, you will find the steps to access a Udemy course offline through its apps. Read on.

Note: Udemy holds the copyright for all its courses. You can access your courses through the Udemy app but you cannot download courses directly on your mobile and desktop.

Four Steps to Download Udemy Videos and Courses

1. Create a Udemy Login

You can easily create Udemy login. You can get started by entering minimum personal details. It’s effortless; all you need is your full name, your email address, and a password. You can create a login on a PC, iOS, or, android devices.

Udemy app login

2. Buy Udemy Course

So, ready to learn on your schedule? With a few clicks, you’ll get to choose from the course. You can choose to devote your time on your hobbies or learn something that can help you succeed in your career.

At the time of writing this article, there were 100,000+ courses on Udemy and more are added every month. So, sometimes it becomes difficult to find a right course. You can follow my article on how to find the best Udemy courses to understand steps involved in searching for suitable courses.

Once you finalize a course you would like to take, buy the course on Udemy using your debit card, credit card, PayPal, UPI, and the likes. Cash Payments and Bank Transfers may be an option for students in several different Latin American nations, as well as some countries in Europe, and Asia. I have written an article on Udemy Payments, which will help you to buy a course.

3. Download Udemy App

Download the app to learn on topics ranging from computer languages to personal development, and even leisure courses. With the user friendly Udemy App, you can have individual lectures, particular parts, and even an entire course that can be downloaded for offline viewing.

4. Download Course

Since Udemy holds the copyright of its courses, you can download a course directly on your desktop or mobile. Rather, you have to use Udemy’s mobile app for offline viewing. Read the next section to know the easy steps on how to download your course.

Benefits of Buying a Udemy Course

If you are still wondering about the perks of buying an online course let me help you with that. Online education or learning has become one of the most popular alternatives to higher education. The improving status of online learning platforms has helped in its growth. Not only that, but it’s also no secret that schools, colleges, or universities charge a lot of fees. You have to pay for the classes, hostel, meals, activity fees, books and much more!

All of these reasons support the idea that right from the students to working professionals and even the high school graduates, find several benefits to either take all or some of their courses online. And when it comes to Udemy, the following list includes a few advantages that will surely convince you to buy and try a course with them:

1. Complete Courses and not just videos

Unlike any other platform, Udemy courses don’t stop with a handful of videos. Once you enroll with them you will have instant access to all your selected course materials – PDFs, study templates, course outline, guidelines, and checklists. All of which are available for easy downloading and viewing on any electronic device.

Want more? Well, the entire course or any specific portion, can be revisited, retaken, or reviewed infinite times without any additional cost. This access helps the students with every possible opportunity to master the material regardless of their tight schedules or interruptions.

2. Validate your Learning by Taking Quizzes and Tests

To further help their students excel in their respective courses, Udemy has several links of the quiz to specific lectures and subjects. An efficiently designed multiple-choice quiz allows the students to evaluate themselves as they proceed with given course material. These tests and quizzes are part of the course curriculum for the greater benefit of the potential students.

3. Get Course Support Directly from the Instructor

The experts or the instructors with Udemy are mostly business people with first-hand experience in the subjects. Many of them teach and explain their subjects in simple language. These instructors have a lot of patience as they are willing to teach at a level that is easily understood by all individuals taking the course. You can directly contact them if you have any confusion about the subject. Their advice on course-related matters is included free with the course.

4. Access Latest and Updated Course Material

The instructors on Udemy platform regularly update their course keeping in mind the modern trends. You can access the latest course material after you buy a course, which is really not possible with downloaded videos.

5. Course Completion Certificate

E-learning has surely opened up a lot of opportunities for those looking to up their professional skills through some well-crafted form of certification. After your online training is complete, Udemy awards you with certificates that showcase your achievements and act as proof of proficiency.

A quick tip: Get a Udemy certification and add it to your LinkedIn profile to career related benefits!

Udemy Mobile Apps

Android Device

If you want to learn while staying disconnected from the internet, you can still save the individual lectures, particular sections, or even an entire course for offline viewing and studying on the Android mobile app. You can however access a Udemy course only within the app. You can download lectures from your Android device in several ways, here are the steps:

Download a Single Lecture

  • Go to the Course Curriculum section, and tap the download icon, you can find it beside the lecture title.
  • Then go to the lecture section, and tap the ellipses which are present at the upper-right corner and you can choose Save for Offline.Udemy andriod app save to offline
  • Once you are done with downloading a lecture for offline viewing purposes, the circle icon will then turn color. After the lecture has been successfully downloaded, you can view it in an offline setting by simply tapping the lecture title.

Download an Entire Course

  • Press the grey download icon, you can find it at the top, right-hand side of the course curriculum.
  • Then simply tap on the Download Course

Download a Section for Offline Viewing

  • If you want you can also select all the lectures at a time, present in a particular section for download. All you need to do is simply tap on the download icon present in the section title.

Download the Content to an SD External Card

If you have limited storage capacity in your Android device, or for any other reason you would want to save the offline content to a micro SD card, here is the process:

  • Go to Menu in the Udemy app.
  • Open the Account page followed by Download options.
  • Tap on the Download to SD card option.
  • Close the app.
  • Re-launch Udemy app from Home screen. The content will now be stored and viewed in the external SD card.

iOS Device

Save a single lecture

  • For offline viewing, start with tapping the grey download icon which is present on the right-hand corner of the lecture title.
  • Once the download is complete, the icon will change its color, and you can watch it by tapping the lecture title. Proceed with selecting Save for Offline to download the lecture to view it offline.udamy ios app save for offline

Save an Entire Course

  • To save an entire course for offline viewing, tap on the grey download icon, it appears near the top, right-hand side corner of the course curriculum.
  • Then tap on the Download Course, present at the bottom of the screen.
  • Once the lectures have been successfully downloaded, the icon will change its color.udamy ios app download course

Save a Section 

You also have an option to select all the lectures in any particular section for download at one go. To do so, tap the download icon, you can view it beside the section title. Once you tap on the icon, you will need to confirm the same, and voila it’s done!


I would like to conclude that Udemy app is hassle-free. You can freely download your courses using the app and learn new topics on the move. The app is compatible with the latest versions of Android, iOS, and Windows. Its unique features have made Udemy a success among the online learning platform.

Still, wondering why you must buy a Udemy course? Udemy has professional experts for your help and guidance. It allows you to study along with video lectures. You will also get a Udemy certificate, which is worth the money investment.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy your preferred course now!

Go to Udemy and find out the current discount.

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