What Do edX Certificates Offer To You?

edx certificates

Edx Certificate is one of the best things to achieve. This reflects your talent & knowledge in front of your potential employer. But edX Provides a bunch of certificates targeting different persons. To know which certificates suits you the best read the article in details.

edX certificate could help you in your promotion, securing a new job, etc. But there are lots of confusion about edX Certificate. In this post of mine, I will be answering all those questions that can come up to your mind.

Edx provides online certificates from some of the best universities in the world. They have universities like – MIT (The Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Harvard University, Boston University, among many others. The professors from these universities will be teaching you the course. If you want to know more about edx read my article on edX Review.

edX offers a wide range of courses certificates to caters every need. The courses differ greatly, so the prices. This might create confusion in your mind. To clear your doubt, I will be creating a step-by-step procedure to earn a certificate. You will get to know about pricing, its value & various other things among this.

With all said, now let us start taking the question one-by-one.

edX certificate

edx allows 5 different types of certificates on its platform. These different types of certificates cater to different needs of the people. Here is the list of all the certificate: –

1. Xseries

2. Global Freshman Academy

3. Online Master’s Degree

4. Professional certificate

5. MicroMaster Program

Now let’s have a look at all the above-mentioned form of certificates one-by-one.

1. Xseries

This certificate will help you to get a deep knowledge of a subject. This covers some of the general usable courses which you might like. They offer some of the most in-demand & exciting courses through their platform.

The courses on its platform are related to science, politics, business, new technology, etc. The courses on its platform are designed by world’s renowned professors of the top-ranking universities.


As you can see some of the samples courses above.

The X series consists of a list of course which you have to complete. On successful completion of all the courses in that particular program who will receive a certificate from edX. This certificate could reflect your knowledge that you have received.

You might think “who is suitable for this type of course?”

I thank I can answer to this question. The best-suited person for Xseries course of edX will be one who needs depth knowledge in any subject. If you fall into this category or like to get an in-depth knowledge then it is definitely a go from my side.

2. Global Freshman Academy

Arizona State University & edX comes out with this unique program in their partnership. Through this program, you can earn transferable ASU credit from around the world. This is one of the unique programs on edX.

Here you can see how this certificate work in the below


Below is the course offered by Global Freshman Academy: –


Let me show you some of the bullet points of this program.

I. No fees are charged for learning – You wouldn’t be charged anything for learning in this Program. You can just take the courses as you wish.

II. No Application is required – You don’t need to apply for a lesson in this program. You can just come & start taking the classes. You don’t need to fill-up any application form & wait for days to get approved by Universities. You could save you a lot of timing.

III. Same Faculty as of On-Campus Student – You will get the opportunity to study with the same faculty as that of On-Campus ASU student. This means high-quality learning for you.

IV. Transferable Credits – On successful completion of courses, you will accumulate credits that can be transferable. You might wonder what does that really means. It means you can show a credit to ASU or any accepting universities, which could help you in pursuing the degree. You can pursue a degree in ASU or Any Other university that accepts it.

V. Pay only when you Pass – You need to pay for credits after only passing the exam. If you don’t score the credit that you need then don’t pay for that. So, it is like college on your terms.

3. Online Master Degree

Do you want to complete your Master Degree? If the answer is yes, then this course is for you only.

edX has a partnership with some of the best university in the world to provide affordable & quality education for everyone. The degree here will be a Master Degree. Master Degree that you will be taking is fully online. The faculty from the universities will be teaching you.

You will be provided with a quality education from these faculty of the university. You will be provided with assignments & task as it happens in any college. Universities are some of the best in the world. edX has a partnership with a top-ranking university in the world.

As you can see above the details of the Master Degree.

Quality of education not lacking here. You will be trained with the best universities, so you could stand out in the crowd.

You can also choose the master course from edX if you are stuck in your family problem or you can’t afford to leave your current job.

By doing a Master Degree online through edX, you could not only save time but you could save money. The online course from edX is really cheap as compared to a regular college degree from the same university.

This could help you to cut the high fees & continue your current job (if you wish to).

when you click on any of the master degrees, you will see all the details like in the below pictures.


So, there are lots of benefits from this Master Degree, like – Save Tuition Fees, Save Some Time & continue learning without leaving the job.

4. Professional Certificate

So, let’s say, “You want to learn some special program or skills then what could be options for you.

This certificate consists of a series of course teaching where you can learn from 0 (Ground Level) to Expert Level. The series or the path, of course, consists of lessons from beginner level to expert level in the span of a few months.

This program consists of high demand courses like – data science, Cyber Security, Big Data, Data Analyst, etc. There are courses in this program which are needed by industries to cope up with changing world.

The courses in this program are designed by Industry Leaders & top universities. On successfully completing the course, you might get the knowledge needed to succeed in today’s world.

Here is the list of some Universities associated with this program: –


The course offered in the program could help you to find a new job, or enhance your career skills or introduce you with the latest technology in the world.

You can join the course in you are a student who will look for a job in the near future. You are also a perfect candidate for this Certificate if you to change the job into the latest & new technology. To learn future technology, you might opt for this certificate.

If you fall in any of the above categories, you might look for this Professional Certificate from edX.

5. MicroMaster

Do you want to get the job with Google, Microsoft, etc. or want to collect credits for your Master Degree? If Yes, then this is the certificate you must look for.


Let’s go deep into this & find some interesting & valuable facts: –

It is the program designed to advance your career skills. You can get a deep understanding of a specific career field through this program. This program is designed for both Job & Higher Studies.

Let’s see the 1st option here, i.e., The Job


The program is recognized by Industry leaders like Walmart, IBM, Volvo, etc. After successfully completing the course you can apply to these companies for a job. If you got a specific set of knowledge you can apply in these major companies of the world.

Let me show the 2nd option, i.e., higher Studies


You can apply for the Higher Studies after completing the program from edX. If you are the student then you can apply for the master degree in the universities accepting credits from edX. If your credits are accepted then you can pursue a master degree. The master degree will be less expensive & accelerated for you.

Final Thoughts

edX is one of the best platforms to learn anything online. edX certificate is one of the best things that you can do to yourself. You can enhance your skills, learn new things. You can also learn new technical skills through this platform. You can enhance your knowledge & take your professional career to a new height.

I would like you to suggest you go with this platform if you want to complete your masters or in search of a new job.

I have tried my best to put all the points here. I will be very thankful if you could suggest any improvement in this article.

Over To You

Which certificates are you planning to complete? Do let me know in the comments below.

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