1. Which online course to select to excel in a career?

There are lots of options. Choosing one is up to you. If you dedicate your time & efforts in any field then only you can achieve higher goals.

How much you achieve in a sector totally depends on your hard work. If you have done enough projects, the company will hire you readily.

2. Which is the best Platform for You?

This depends on what you want. There are plenty of options available. You should choose a platform depending on what are your needs. I have already mentioned these in my blog post.

To give a quick overview, see below: –

  1. Udemy – This is the platform I use to upgrade my skills. If you are a student wanting to update & don’t care much about the certificate, go for it.
  2. edX – If you are looking for Credits for higher studies or doing master degree chose this platform. You can also try this if you want to learn some specialized skills.
  3. Coursera – This platform will help you to learn specialized & doing a master degree. You can learn skills from elite universities of the world.
  4. Pluralsight – You want to learn Very advance IT Technology & Designing than go for it. This platform has lots of features to try for.
  5. Team TreeHouse – This is the platform dedicated to programmers. If you want to learn programming with real-time experience goes for it.
  6. Udacity – If you are in search of a job, then Udacity could be the best bet for you.
  7. Lynda Or LinkedIn Learning – If you want to get certified from LinkedIn’s Sister company then only go for it. This could be a bit costly.

3. What are some tips that really help?

There are many tips & tricks that many Online Learners use. I too have a few tips. Some of these tips might work for you while others might not.

  1. Taking Notes – This is very important for everyone. This really helped me a lot. I always try to take a few notes from the course. So, whenever I feel the need to revise any topics, I can refer to those notes. It also helped me to keep track of what & how I am learning.
  2. Doing Projects – This could be very important if you want to take your skills to the next level. So, I would like to suggest you choose a platform which provides projects. Otherwise, you can search for projects online.
  3. Interacting In groups – If you interact with the group, then it will be highly beneficial for you. You could help other members. This in return will increase your knowledge in the long term. If you interact in many groups, then a few questions you have not heard of. You can learn & grow from here.
  4. Consistency – Try to be consistent at every point of time. This plays an important role in your learning. With online learning, getting distracted is very common. You have to get out of it.