Pluralsight Cost: How Much Do You Need To Pay For Its Subscription?

How much does Pluralsight cost? How much do you need to pay for its subscription?

The answers to these questions depends on many other questions like:

  1. are you looking for an an individual plan or a business plan?
  2. what is the country of your residence – UK, India, USA, or some other country?
  3. are you looking for an enterprise license?
  4. do you want a monthly or yearly subscription?
  5. are you looking for a regular or premium account?
  6. are you looking for academic pricing?

I have written this article to give you a lowdown on how much you need to spend for taking learning courses on Pluralsight.

You will find out answers to the above questions in this article. You will also learn about Pluralsight’s fee structure and how much does in cost in different situation.

Pluralsight Cost

Pluralsight costing is an interesting thing to note. The cost of Pluralsight changes with the geographical area.

For example – in the USA the monthly plan costs USD $29 while the same plan costs the USD $19 in India.

Pluralsight for Individuals

1. Monthly plan (USD$19 – $29/Month)

The monthly plan works in a way that allows you to continue Pluralsight’s subscription without a long-term commitment. You just need to pay $19-29 each month. In this plan, you have the liberty to cancel your plan as and when it suits you.

Pluralsight Peronal Plan

This could help you if you want to polish your skills. Just continue your subscription for a few months and you are good to go.

2. Annual Plan (USD$159 – $299)

If you wish to learn some technical skill then this plan would be ideal for you. This plan will help you to learn about digital technology from scratch. You will also be saving as money compared to the Monthly Plan.

3. Premium Annual Plan (USD$239 – $449)

This plan is a bit on the costlier side. But it provides some special features such as live projects. This would be good if you want to build your portfolio. This will enhance your knowledge and will provide a more practical hands-on experience.


Now, lets move see what Business Plan looks like.

Pluralsight for Business Enterprises

1. Team Plan ($499-579/user per year) – If your business has a small number of members and you’re not looking for a grand plan then this plan is just for you. It provides analysis to track team performance to a certain degree. This will help you in checking what your team is up to.

2. Enterprise ($699-779/User Per Year) – This plan comes with Annual subscription for $699. The plan costing is for an individual user. It provides some advanced performance tracking of your employee’s performances.

Which Subscription Plan is Right for you?


Students, Fresh graduates or new to a job.

Experienced working professionals.

Any students or fresh graduates looking to learn a new thing can use individual plan. They can learn new techniques and enhance their skills.

This could also be good for a person looking to get a job. They can complete the project and make a portfolio. The project will show their skill as they got practical exposure to the industry-related project.

Even a working professional looking to update their skill


The team plan is good for an organization. With the help of the team plan, you can train your employees. You can create a playlist of certain videos and distribute them in your team.

The team plan will help your team to grow and learn new technology. Trained employees benefit your organization.

Pluralsight Free Trials

If you are not sure of Pluralsight or have doubts regarding the platform, you can always go for a trial. Pluralsight provides a free trial for 10 days. This trial is provided so that you can have an idea of how this platform works. If you find Pluralsight suitable then continue with a paid subscription, and if not you can opt-out at any time.

How Much Does Pluralsight Actually Cost?

Pluralsight comes with 3 price ranges in Personal Plan.

If you want to know more about Pluralsight costing, Click here.

1-2 months

This is a very short duration plan. This could be a good option when you want to get a quick hands-on on a technology. You can get a quick glimpse of technology.

In this, you might end up paying $29-$58 at most.

3-6 months

This is a medium duration plan.

Who would like to you subscribe for such a duration?

This might be a good deal if you want to learn new technology.

Suppose you want to learn Web Development from basic then go for this. This plan will help you to learn a topic from basic.

You need to pay for each month separately. Many people have used this to learn any technology.

So, the total costing will be around $87 – $174.

1 Year or Annual Subscription

This is a longer-term duration course.

To become a complete professional, learning just 1 technology will not work. You need to learn & focus on the whole set of technology.

For example – Learning just Web Development will not get you very far in career. You need to learn all things like DataBase Management, Website Design & many more. This generally takes 1 year or more of hard work to learn.
So, total costing, in this case, will be $299 – $449.

In the upper plan ($449), you will become a job-ready person. You will get to do projects which could enhance your knowledge.

Business Plan

This plan is made up of companies only.

The organization buys the plan for its employees.

You don’t need to stress about price. You just need to focus on learning that all.

The pricing ranges from $499- $699.

Final Thoughts

Pluralsight has priced to caters every need. The pricing has been made in such a way that it covers every individual requirement.

A professional person may need to take the subscription for a short term. While a student might take an Annual subscription. So, it totally depends on what you want to learn & how you want to learn.

If you are a fast learner, you might take a few months subscription. A slow learner might choose an annual subscription & like this. And again, if you are looking for a job, you can choose the Higher ($499/Year) Plan.

It is one of the fastest-growing E-Learning platforms. You can also check Pluralsight Share Price Today.

I hope you have the answer to your questions – how much does Pluralsight cost?

So you can go & choose which plan suits you best.

Over To You

Pluralsight has 2 plans. One for an organization while others for personal use. I have explained the pricing as simple as possible.

Now, I want to know from you, how you like the pricing of Pluralsight.

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