Udemy Cost: Course Price & Membership Fee [2023]

how much does udemy cost

This article details the cost of courses available on Udemy. Udemy is a very popular platform used to acquire new knowledge at cheap prices. You might think of using Udemy to update your skillset required in the industry.

But you might have wondered how much you need to pay for the courses. The price of Udemy keeps on changing rapidly.

Udemy hosts tons of courses on its platform. It has courses ranging from new technologies like – Machine Learning, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, etc. to hobby courses like – dancing, singing, cooking, etc.

You can refer to this article to get a detailed insight of Udemy.

Udemy Course Pricing

From the starting Udemy has been known to offer huge discounts for their courses. In fact, it is very common for them to run a promotion offering 80%-90% off for their course.

Udemy Course Price

Udemy has an increasing demands due to the cheap prices it offers for its courses.

You can relate this to that of the Chinese manufacturing system with low profit margin but large production.

It continually offers discounts on courses. During these discounts you can get courses for as low as $10. This makes Udemy extremely pocket friendly.

You can check the current pricing here.

Low Costing of Udemy doesn’t mean that the content is of poor quality. These courses are developed by industry experts who have several years of experience behind them.. But selecting the courses on Udemy can be challenging at times. To know more, you can check here.

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Udemy Membership Cost

Udemy does not have an option for membership. Many other providers like Pluralsight and Linkedin Learning provide you an option to buy a monthly or annual membership. However, Udemy pricing is per course.

Udemy 90% Sale: Buy Courses Worth Hundreds for $10

Udemy works on getting large number of people to buy courses even if it comes with low profit margins. By providing low-cost lessons they attract more and more students to buy their courses.

Everyone wants to learn new technology at affordable pricing. Students who are always on a tight budget want to learn at cheap prices. Udemy serves this purpose. I believe this could prove to be extremely beneficial for a lot of people.

Udemy Sale

Udemy enables an individual with vast knowledge in their field but no formal education or degrees to show for it, to share their information by putting up courses on the platform.

Many of the instructors completely depend on Udemy for their bread. They are able to earn a substantial amount to sustain their livelihood.

Do low prices of Udemy mean they’re no good?

That is not necessarily true.

Low prices of the courses do not in any way indicate or mean that the content lacks quality. In fact, the instructors usually have many years of experience and usually educational qualifications to go with it as well.

The low prices are there to attract more and more customers on Udemy. It has some really well-developed courses which could definitely help you learn. The challenge arises in choosing the right course. If you choose the right lessons then Udemy will not disappoint you.

Udemy Instructors

As you can see you can check the instructor’s profile and get to know about their experience and educational qualifications.

Final Thoughts

Cheap and affordable pricing has made Udemy very attractive to students. You have a wide variety of courses at your disposal at very affordable prices.

You will be charged between $10 – $299 for a single course. If you buy the courses which are on sale, then the price will be reduced by a great margin. The sale will bring down the course prices to between USD $10 – $14.

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