How To Buy Udemy Course Online Cheap? – Tips 2019

Interested in buying a Udemy course? Let’s see how you can get it for cheap. Access to information has become easier and cheaper. Most times for free. But if you prefer proper instructor-led video courses, go with Udemy.

If you don’t know about Udemy, read this.

Udemy is a good platform to learn and update your skills. It has well developed, comprehensive courses catering to a wide range of audiences.

You can select a course that suits your style and caters to your needs..

You can buy for as low as $10 turning out to be quite a cheap option. But there is a trick to do that. I will discuss the trick later in this article.

How To Buy Udemy Course Online?

They are 2 basic methods to buy a course on Udemy.

  1. Debit Card or Credit Card
  2. PayPal

Go to the home page of Udemy and select the course you’re interested in.

If you don’t know how to select a best course, click here

Hit the “Buy now” button and you will be directed to a new page.

Udemy Buy Now

This page would show you the payment options.

Udemy Payment Option

Payment Methods of Udemy

You can choose the payment method best suitable for you.

1. Payment Through Card

You can use your Debit or Credit Card to pay for the course. Udemy supports all major Credit or Debit cards. You can use – Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover. Fill them as required. After filling up the details, hit the “Complete Payment” option.

Udemy Card Payment

Udemy will inform you that your payment is complete and you’ll be good to go with your course.

2. PayPal Payment

Udemy PayPal Payment

There is another mode of payment on Udemy which is through PayPal.

On successfully completing the payment you will be taken to a page like this.

Udemy Course Purchase

You can click on “Start Course” to begin learning.

Tips To Buy Udemy Course Cheap

Most courses on Udemy are priced between $20 and $200, but before investing in any course you must go through the points listed below.

1. Avoid Bulk Buying

Udemy often runs discount coupons. So, a $100 course’s price could drop to say about $10 in the near future.

So, I would suggest you not to buy courses in Bulk until the prices drop.

2. Avoid Coupon Site

So, what’s the problem with Coupons Sites for Udemy?

Well, a ton of coupon sites provides expired coupons. The coupons don’t necessarily work and the sites just aim to increase their revenue with the traffic.

So I strongly advise against using these websites’ coupons. 3. Use Browser instead of Mobile Apps
You can buy any course on Udemy Mobile App. But the thing is that the prices on the Udemy app and browser may differ.

Udemy might have to pay some prices to Google for its apps. This might make the courses a little higher.

The point is that always use your desktop to pay for the courses.

Note – This doesn’t work 100%, but it does work with some cases.

I have noted that some guys feel Udemy is a scam. But due to my positive experience, I would not hold that opinion to be true.

One of the most important factors to consider here is that just buying and enrolling into a course is not going to help you out. You have to work hard at developing your skills through the aid provided by Udemy.

You must have a stable browser to buy the course. The browser could be –

  1. Safari
  2. Google Chrome
  3. Mozilla Firefox
  4. Opera or any other

Final Thoughts

Udemy is the best platform to learn anything when you’re on a tight budget. You can go and buy any course on Udemy from the wide range it offers. Make sure that you choose the right kind of course for you.

I have listed all the payment methods. I have also shared some of the tricks on how to buy a Udemy Course. You can use the tricks and get the course at a very cheap price.

Over To You

Do let me know in the comments below – How do you plan on buying the course?

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