Lynda (LinkedIn Learning) Review: Top Reasons To Buy Its Courses [2023]

linkedin learning lynda review

You might want to know Lynda (aka Linkedin Learning) review.

Lynda helps anyone learn business, software, technology and creative skills. Being a technology enthusiast myself, I have been satisfied with what this platform has to offer. The article talks about Lynda courses, its pros and cons, subscription models and much more.

I would suggest you to start with free trial of Linkedin Learning before going further. It will help you in understanding the pros and cons of this platform as you read this article.

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Lynda (Linkedin Learning) Review

What Is Lynda?

Lynda (formerly is an American “MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)” website. It provides online courses in various field. 

It is a subsidiary of LinkedIn. Lynda was founded by Lynda Weinman in the year 1995 before it was acquired by LinkedIn.

Now, LinkedIn has been acquired by Microsoft and LinkedIn Learning has been changed to “Lynda.”

It’s just name that has changed but the features remain the same.

It provides a wide range of courses to its subscribers to choose from. 

Lynda Online Courses

Lynda provides a wide variety of options in terms of courses to choose from. It has both, technical as well as non-technical courses available. Lynda provides courses on the following subjects.

  1. Software Development
  2. Design
  3. Business
  4. Web Development
  5. Photography

There are more than 4000+ courses available on this platform. The courses on this platform have been designed by industry experts which suggests that it must have good quality content as these authors would have excellent knowledge regarding their subject.

Learning Tracks

Learning tracks of Lynda is one of the best things about this platform. You just need to select a course and you are good to go on with the course.

You just choose a subject or course that you want to learn. Now you can just start going through the lectures and flow with the provided structure of the course. You will learn every topic within that field with the help of the  track.

This proves to be highly beneficial as you don’t have to keep finding the next lecture time and again. Lynda would do that for you. The courses come to you as a package rather than different strands which you have to search for.

Lynda Pricing

Free trials in Lynda

Lynda provide you with a free trial. The free trial is valid for 1-Month. It is a good way to get the general idea of the course and to know if the course is suitable to fulfil your needs or not.

You can learn a lot of information about the course quality, accent and tone of instructor and their knowledge.

Lynda Subscription Plan

You can go for a subscription plan, once your trial is over, if you are satisfied with the platform. The subscription plan varies according to the plan you choose.

There are 2 types of subscription plans: –

  1. Individual
  2. Corporate
  • Individual Plan – This plan is made especially for an individual. If you want to learn solo you can go for it.

There are 2 categories in this plan.

  • Monthly Plan ($29.99) – you need to pay $29.99/month. If you don’t want to continue after a few months, you can easily discontinue it.
  • Yearly Plan ($24.99/month) – You can greatly reduce your subscription costs if you choose the annual plan. The fees will be charged once for a year. If you break the fees, you will know that you have to pay $24.99/ month.

This plan will be charged annually, hence opting out after just a short period of time is not possible.

Lynda Pricing
  • Corporate Plan – If you own a company and want to train your employees to the latest technologies or develop their skills then you can opt for this plan.

There is only one price in this model – $350/ user. The price is fixed and can’t be changed. You need at least 10 members to subscribe to this plan.

Lynda Advantages

  1. Certificate of Completion – Lynda provides certificates to its users. Whenever you complete watching a course you will be awarded a “Certificate of Completion”. This certification can be shown to your potential employers and added to your resume.
  2. Learning from Industry Experts– The instructors on Lynda are industry experts. The instructors have to pre-qualify to upload their courses. You can also view their credentials and achievements. This could be very helpful in sorting the less qualified instructors from the more qualified and experienced ones.
  3. The convenience of Studying – Learning from home has its own advantages. If you want to learn in your free time, then this might just be the best option for you.
  4. It’s affordable The pricing of Lynda has been made in such a way that it fits in every pocket. The pricing is very simple and they have tried their best to keep prices as low as possible.
  5. Helps you In Job Search – Are you looking for a job or job change? Lynda can help you with that. Lynda adds more credit to your LinkedIn Profile by adding on the courses you’ve completeted onto your profile. This means your profile would be in front of thousands of potentials employers boasting of your skills.

Whenever any employer searches for any specific certificate or skill related candidate, your profile will be shown first.

  1. Learn on the go with Lynda Mobile App – Lynda comes with a mobile application. You can learn anytime and anywhere with the mobile application. You can learn while sitting in a park or while travelling.

Lynda Drawbacks

  1. No Review Of Courses– Lynda does not allow its users to give any kind of rating or reviews for the courses. The rating could be helpful in sorting what kind of problems the other users faced while studying a particular course.
  2. No Lifetime Access – Once your subscription period is over, you can no longer access any videos from their platforms. Your access to their platform ends as soon as your subscription ends or expires.
  3. No Project –Very few courses on Lynda have projects for hands-on practice. This limits the learning as you will be deprived of a real-time project.

Final Thoughts

Lynda is a platform where you can learn skills online at affordable costs. The courses are designed by industry experts. So, if you want to gain quality learning this could be a good option for you.

Lynda has a major drawback as it doesn’t provide projects to be completed under instructor’s supervision. The projects certainly help you in gaining hands-on knowledge. In this case, Pluralsight and Treehouse  could be a better option to explore.

If you want to get quality education from experts at every affordable prices, you should definitely go for Lynda. You can start exploring its courses by taking its free trial.

Over To You

Let me know in the comments below which courses do you plan on buying.

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