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Pluralsight Vs Lynda (Linkedin Learning) Review [2023]

Pluralsight vs Lynda (aka Linkedin Learning) – which of these two platforms should you choose for your online learning needs?

The difference between Pluralsight and Lynda (Linkedin Learning) is mainly because of number and type of course offerings. Pluralsight offers only technology related courses but Lynda also has management and creative courses. Other than that, there is not much to distinguish between them. Both of them are leading online learning platforms providing good quality courses. They have a good brand name and are considered among the top elearning websites. Their features and pricing are more or less similar.

I have done a comparison and review of these platforms based on their pricing & subscription, features & offerings, utility and few more aspects. By looking at the comparison chart below you will find out the best platform for your learning needs.

Pluralsight and Linkedin provide a free trial to explore their courses and features. I would suggest you take their free trial as you read this article further.

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Pluralsight Vs Lynda (AKA Linkedin Learning)

Pluralsight Brief Overview

Pluralsight is an American Company founded in 2004 by Aaron Skonnard, Keith Brown, Fritz Onion, and Bill Williams. Pluralsight in their early stages was a classroom teaching company. But later evolved as an online learning platform.

With Pluralsight, you will get all the courses at once. You can learn as much as you can. There is no need to buy separate courses each time. You just pay for the subscription and can learn any course.

Pluralsight mostly covers subjects related to IT and Designing. You can get some of the IT Courses like – Big Data, Machine Learning, etc. You will also find designing courses like – Solidworks, Maya, Etc.

Pluralsight also provides unique features known as “Skills IQ”. Using “Skill IQ”, you can take a test to determine your proficiency in a subject. This way you can choose the courses to upgrade your skills. You can read my article on Pluralsight review.

Lynda or LinkedIn Learning Brief Overview

Before going further, let’s first understand what is difference between Lynda and Linkedin Learning. Linkedin Learning evolved from Lynda.com. Lynda.com was founded an American company by Lynda Weinman in 1995. Microsoft acquired LinkedIn (Lynda parent company) in 2016 for a Whooping $26.2 Billion. Microsoft has merged Lynda with LinkedIn and renamed it as LinkedIn Learning.

Likedin Learning offers more features that Lynda.com as it is socially integrated with Linkedin.com

Just like Pluralsight, Linkedin Learning also provides you with all the course videos by paying for a subscription for a particular duration of time. So, you don’t need to take the subscription of each course separately. Just pay once and can learn as many courses as you’d like in that particular time duration.

LinkedIn Learning covers 3 categories broadly. The categories are Business, Technology, and Creative. You will find lots of subjects in these broad categories. The course topics have been developed by Industry experts. You can read my article on Lynda review to know more about this platform.

Side-By-Side Comparison Between Pluralsight And Lynda

Parameter Pluralsight LinkedIn Learning or Lynda
Type of Courses Career oriented technical courses Professional courses on business, technology & creative skills
Certificate Yes, a certificate provided after the course completion Yes, a certificate provided after the course completion
Course Instructors Instructors are screened & selected by Pluralsight Any knowledgeable person can become an instructor
Approximate Number of Courses 6,500+ 15,000+
Learning Paths or Playlists Yes, learning paths for complete orientation of a subject Yes, learning paths for complete orientation of a subject
Courses’ Level Beginners to experts Beginners to experts
Technical Support Availability
Support Page Yes Yes
Email Support Yes, [email protected] Yes, You can creat a support ticket via help page
Chat Support No Yes, Chat option can show online or offline depending on service ability
On Call Support Yes, (801) 784-9007 MON-FRI 8AM-5PM (GMT-7) No
Course Support Availability
Instructors Assistance No Yes
Experts Assistance Yes, through chat & email No
Community Forum Yes, every course has a discussion board Yes, through private/unlisted groups on LinkedIn
Video Player Yes Yes
Mobile App Yes, available for iOS and Android Yes, available for iOS and Android
Dashboard Yes Yes
Top 5 Benefits
Enroll into any course after taking subscription Enroll into any course after taking subscription
Expert assistance to remove all of your doubts Instructor assistance on private Linkedin groups forums
Skill IQ to test your knowledge and level Technical, management, & creative courses that can boost your career
Understand topics better with project work and case studies Use Linkedin profile to display your certificates
Certificate for every completed course Certificate for every completed course
Detailed Review Pluralsight Review Lynda Review
Course Package
Fee $499- $799 per year (depends on country) $19 – $300 (depends on country)
Discounts Yes, sometimes around special events/festivals Yes, sometimes around special events/festivals
Access Periods Monthly and yearly Monthly and yearly
Skill IQ and project work Very large number of professional courses, backed by a multi-billion dollar company

Final Recommendation

Both Pluralsight and LinkedIn Learning (Or Lynda) are great platforms to learn a new subject.  The price and features of these platforms are quite similar. It is very difficult to say one is better than the other.

There are hundreds of courses on these platforms and I am sure some of them will be useful for you. Depending on your interest and learning needs, you can choose either of these platforms to learn and update your skills.

Who Should Invest In Pluralsight?

Pluralsight is a great for learning technical skills. You can choose it if you have a technical background or are working in technical field. It is also useful for students pursuing technical courses.

Pluralsight provides hands on experience with practical projects and learning guidance. You can pursue a number of courses at a very low monthly subscription cost. Or you can start with its free trial to explore it further.

Who Should Invest In Lynda or LinkedIn Learning?

Lynda or LinkedIn Learning is great for pursuing business skills, photography, design, and web development. It is useful for business professionals, hobbyists and technologists. You can mix and match the courses to get a wider learning experience – you can learn technology and design skills on the same platform.

You can pursue a number of courses at a very low monthly subscription cost. Or you can start with its free trial to explore it further.

Over To You

Which E-Learning platform you have opted for?

Do let me know in the comments below.

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