Pluralsight Vs Treehouse: Which One Is Better For You? [2021]

Pluralsight vs Treehouse is a difficult comparison. It is hard to differentiate between the two as both are fairly popular eLearning platforms.

The main difference between Pluralsight and Team Treehouse is that Pluralsight has a huge catalog of courses whereas Treehouse’s list is much smaller. This is due to the fact that Treehouse maintains a sharp focus on technology learning whereas Pluralsight offers creative, security, and a few other type of courses. One is not necessarily better than the other; both have their pros and cons.

I have written this article to list the differences between Pluralsight and Team Treehouse. You will find a detailed side-by-side comparison of the two online learning platforms in this article.  You will also find about my take on Pluralsight’s and Trehouses’s features, pricing model, type of courses, student support, and certificates in this article. Reading it would help you decide which among the two is best suited for your needs.

I would suggest you take free trial of the two platforms before reading further. This way you will be able to explore their courses and features.

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Pluralsight Vs Treehouse

Puralsight and Team Treehouse are hosted at and respectively. There is little to distinguish between them in terms of business or pricing model, type of courses, and features of online learning platform. Both get their revenue from monthly or annual subscriptions; they do not sell individual courses. Both of them offer courses technical subjects like programming, databases, and security. They employ the course instructors and maintain a firm control over quality of their programs.

Introduction to Pluralsight

Pluralsight provides only technical courses on its platform. It was offering 6500+ courses at the time of writing this article. You can find courses on Programming, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, AI, Big Data, Creative subjects, and many other topics. It offers courses under 10 categories.

Pluralsight follows a subscription-based model. You can enroll into any of its courses by taking its monthly or annual subscription. This way you can learn multiple subjects at a very low cost.

Pluralsight courses are segmented based on learner’s proficiency level. There are different courses for beginner, intermediate, and expert level students on the same subject. You can use Skill IQ to determine your proficiency level and then choose the courses that are appropriate for you.

Pluralsight courses on a single subject are clustered together in Learning Paths. A Path contains sequence of courses from beginner to expert level. It allows you to learn a subject sequentially and completely.

A Pluralsight course is structured into modules, which further consist of lessons. The lessons contain different type of study materials and learning content including video tutorials, pdf documents, and short exercises. Depending on the subject, some courses also have quizzes and industry oriented projects.

Pluralsight maintains high quality standards. Its instructors are experts in their respective fields. The instructor’s credentials are carefully scrutinized before they are allowed to create a course. The courses are also reviewed before being published and offered to the learners.

Pluralsight provides excellent support to the students. It offers community forum and mentor support.

Introduction to Team Treehouse

Just like Pluralsight, Team Treehouse also provides only technical courses on its platform. It was offering 300+ courses at the time of writing this article. You can find courses mainly on Programming and Software Development.

Treehouse also follows a subscription-based model. You can enroll into any of its courses by taking its monthly subscription, which comes in three different formats – Basic, Pro, an Techdegree. By taking Basic or Pro subscription, you can you can learn multiple subjects at a very low cost. Techdegree is a higher priced product but it provides many advantages.

Treehouse courses are also divided according to students’s skill level. You will find different courses on the same subject for beginner, intermediate, and expert level learners.

Treehouse has also packaged its courses on same subject. These are called Learning Tracks. A Track contains sequence of courses from beginner to expert level that allows you to learn a subject in step-by-step fashion.

Side-By-Side Comparison Between Pluralsight And Team Treehouse

Type of CoursesMostly technology orientedOnly programming courses
CertificateYes, certificate is provided at completion of courseYes, only for Techdegree
Course InstructorsInstructors are screened & selected by PluralsightInstructors are screened and hired by Treehouse
Approximate Number of Courses6,500+300+
Learning Paths or PlaylistsYesYes
Suitable ForBeginners to expertsAll levels
Instructors AssistanceExpert assistance through chat & emailYes
Technical SupportYesYes
Course SupportYesYes
Support through ChatNoNo
Support through MailYesYes
Community ForumYesYes
Video PlayerYesYes
Mobile AppYesYes
Top 5 Benefits
Subscribe to any courseDedicated niche for tehnology courses
Expert assistanceUseful for programmers
Skill IQ - to help you to know your proficiency levelLow subscription price
Project work and case studiesLearning tracks
Certificate of completionTechdegree
Detailed Review Pluralsight Review Treehouse Review
Course Package
Fee$19 - $499 (depends on country)$25/$199 per month
DiscountsYes, sometimesYes, sometimes
Access PeriodMonthly or yearlyTill subscription ends
Skill IQ and project workLearning tracks, techdegree, and support

Final Recommendation

Both Pluralsight and Treehouse are good choices for developers. If you want to pursue a programming course like Python programming and you are in dilemma, then you should start with their free trials.

Both Pluralsight and Treehouse offer good quality programs from expert teachers. By using the free trials of these platforms, you can compare their respective courses and check which appeals to you more. It is possible that Pluralsight has a better course on topic A but Treehouses offers superior course on Topic B.

Who Should Buy Pluralsight Course?

Pluralsight has a huge number of courses in its portfolio and all of them have good quality. The platform is best suited for people who are either working in or are striving towards a career technology field. Its courses can help you in your career with new job or promotion.

If you want to learn a non-programming subject like project management, IT Networking, and Cyber Security then you should definitely opt for Pluralsight. For programming subjects, you should look at Treehouse also.

By taking Pluralsight subscription, you can learn from dozens of courses at a very low cost. I would suggest you to start with its free trial and explore its features further.

Who Should Invest In Team Treehouse Courses?

Treehouse offers only programming related courses. If you want to pursue a course on a non-programming topic like Manufacturing or Big Data then you should consider Pluralsight.

Treehouse is an excellent choice for people who want to pursue a career in programming. Techdegre program is very useful for the beginners. It can make you job ready.

Just like Pluralsight, by taking Treehouse’s subscription, you can learn any programing technology at a very reasonable cost. I would suggest you to start with its free trial and explore its features further.

Over To You

Let me know which platform did you choose and why. I would love to hear your comments.

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