PMExperto PMP Online Training Review [10% Discount]

PMExperto PMP training Review

I have written this article after reviewing the PMP certificate online training course from PMExperto. It gives complete details of the PMExperto course, including its features, deliverables, advantages, and disadvantages.

The training program from PMExperto can be used for getting 35 contact hours/ PDU certificate and doing PMP credential exam preparation.

I think you should buy this course as it comes with a host of features and deliverables that are not usually found in other company programs.

There is no risk in buying the course comes with a 100% pass guarantee and lifetime access.

If you decide to buy this course then you can use coupon code ‘Yash10’ at the time of checkout. It will give you 10% discount.

PMExperto PMP Certification Online Training Course Review

About the Company

PMExperto was founded by a group of project management experts in 2014. During early years, they used to conduct classroom training workshops on PMP and other project management topics.

They started their online training program in 2019 before the onset of the Covid pandemic. Then, after the Covid lock-down, they completely transformed the company to online mode.

PMExperto PMP online course was designed and created by Ms. Ashwini Rao.

Course Deliverables

The deliverables are the most important aspect of any online training course. Every training company provides e-learning videos, but differentiation comes from what they give apart from videos.

Here is a list of all the deliverables given by PMExperto.

  1. Presentation slides.
  2. Tips to clear the exam in the first attempt.
  3. PMP exam-style mock test simulator.
  4. Knowledge Area quizzes.
  5. Personalized PMP exam preparation schedule.
  6. Important acronyms based on the PMBOK Guide.
  7. Glossary of terms based on the PMBOK Guide.
  8. PMP formulas quick reference based on the PMBOK Guide.
  9. PMP ITTO quick reference based on the PMBOK Guide.
  10. Support for filling the PMP application.

I think learning-oriented PDF documents and practice workbooks are must for the exam preparation.

I have seen wut other training companies give to their students. They don’t come close to PMExperto in terms of deliverables.

Course Content

PMExperto course is divided into modules and lessons. Each module has following things:

  • learning videos
  • quiz questions
  • presentation slides

In addition to these, some modules have downloadable documents. Here is a list of modules:

  1. Module 1 – Introduction to Course and PMP Exam
  2. Module 2 – Downloadable Documents
  3. Module 3 – Project Management Fundamentals
  4. Module 4 – Project Integration Management
  5. Module 5 – Project Scope Management
  6. Module 6 – Project Schedule Management
  7. Module 7 – Project Cost Management
  8. Module 8 – Project Quality Management
  9. Module 9 – Project Resource Management
  10. Module 10 – Project Communications Management
  11. Module 11 – Project Risk Management
  12. Module 12 – Project Procurement Management
  13. Module 13 – Project Stakeholder Management
  14. Module 14 – Agile Concepts
  15. Module 16 – PMP Application Support
  16. Module 15 – PMP Exam Simulator

Plan and Pricing

PMExperto offers the course under three pricing options. These are:

  • Basic – USD 149
    This plan comes with 3 months of access to the training with the 180 Question simulator.
  • Standard – USD 199
    This plan comes with 6 months of access to the training with the 180 Question simulator.
  • Advanced – USD 249
    In this plan, you get the same 6 months of access to the training, but here you get a 1000+ Question simulator.

You can use coupon code ‘Yash10’ at the time of checkout to get 10% discount on any of the above plans.

I have mentioned the price in USD, but you can pay in your local currency. PMExperto’s main page displays the price in USD, but when you click to buy the course, the price is displayed in your local currency.

Note: Your duration of the 6-month training will start when you access the first chapter of the course. That means you can buy now and start later.


  1. PMExperto gives 100% pass guarantee.
  2. One of the pricing options comes with lifetime access to the course.
  3. They will give you unlimited support till you pass the exam.
  4. It is most reasonably priced PMP certification course.
  5. The course has lot of additional documents for deep learning.
  6. Using the pre-recorded, you can study on your pace.
  7. You can access the course using Android app.


  1. There is no face-to-face interaction with the trainer. However, you will get direct support from the trainer through emails.
  2. There is no app for iPhones but you can access training in your mobile phone’s browser. I checked with the PMExperto support team and they said that iPhone app is on their road map.


If you are looking for PMP training at a reasonable price and time flexibility, PMExperto is the best option for you in the industry.

You will get a PMP PDU/35 contact hours certificate along with a lot of benefits like lifetime access, unlimited trainer’s support, and a 100% pass guarantee.

In addition, their study material is quite extensive. It includes a practice test simulator, many practice workbooks, a formula sheet, and many other things.

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