The Best Institutes For PMP Training In India [2022]

If you want to do live PMP training in India, you must do it from an India-based institute. Indian training companies provide instructor-led online training at a much cheaper cost than anyone else. The training cost is, in fact, cheaper than online training.

You might reside anywhere in the world or in any Indian city like Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, etc. You can attend this training if you have a computer and an internet connection.

Good online training costs upwards of $300, which is close to rupees 25000, but live training in India costs in the range of rupees 12,000
It is a no-brainer that you should attend live training from an Indian training company.

In this article, you will find a review and comparison of training provided by companies based in India.

While ranking, I have given preference to the trainer’s experience because that is the most important difference in the live program.

Best PMP Training Institute In India

You will find many other companies that deliver such programs, but you should go with only popular ones that have been conducting training for a few years.

While finalizing, you can ask the company representative about two very important things.

  1. Profile of instructor
  2. Batch size

The rest of the features are more or less common among all the training providers, so they are not really different.

Let’s know about all these training one by one.

1. PMExperto

PMExperto PMP Live Training

PMExperto is offering PMP training since 2014 but after the COVID outbreak, they fully switched to online training. With online training, they also offer on-demand training and a PMP exam simulator. However, simulator access will be free if you enrol in the online training simulator. Additionally, PMExperto offers you a full training refund if you fail the exam in your first try.

Profile of instructor – PMExperto has an impressive team of instructors with 20 to 30+ years of experience. You can check the team profile here.

Batch size – PMExperto claimed to have a small batch size of 5 to 15 students only, which is very rare in such training. In such batches, you can get a better-personalized experience with trainers.

2. Greycampus

Greycampus PMP training

Greaycampus offers a wide range of courses related to project management. These courses included live training as well as on-demand training. PMP training is also one of them.

Profile of instructor – You can find two trainers, Joseph Keim (30 Years of experience) and Mauro Zafflon (15 Years of experience). The trainer’s profile looks good enough.

Batch size – Greaycampus minimum batch size is 5 students, but there is no limit to it. It could be up to 20-40 students in a single batch.

3. Knowledgehut

Knowledgehut PMP training

Knowledgehut also provides a lot of corporate training options for professionals. They offer on-demand courses as well as live training. PMP is one of the training Knowledgehut conducted using live virtual means. You can find the batches on their PMP landing page and choose according to your convenience.

Profile of instructor – Knowledgehut doesn’t provide any information about their trainers other than their names with the batch dates. However, before enrolling in the course, you can find them using Google, LinkedIn, etc. or you can ask directly using support chat.

Batch size – No information is available about the size of batches. So, there could be as many students as possible.

4. Edureka!

Edureka PMP training

Edureka is another big platform for corporate training offering live classes for professionals. Their PMP training course comes with lifetime access and 24×7 support.

Profile of instructor – Edureka claims to have world-class trainers, but it doesn’t show you the name or information of the trainers anywhere.

Batch size – No prior information on batch sizes.

5. StarAgile

StarAgile PMP training

StarAgile was started in 2016 to provide education and consultation to corporate professionals. They provide classroom and online training. The PMP training offered by Star Agile is similar to the Knowledgehut. You can choose from the weekend or weekday batches according to your available time.

Profile of instructor – Star Agile only shows the name of the trainer on the page, but there is no other information available. You can do the practice I suggested in the Knowldgehut section: search about trainers online or ask the company directly using support chat or call.

Batch size – On the Star Agile PMP page, you can find how many seats are available only when less than 5 seats are left. But there is no information available for maximum batch sizes.

6. Simplilearn

Simplilearn PMP training

Started as a blog in 2009, and Simplilearn get established as a PMP training institute in 2010. But after a few years, they introduced a variety of other BootCamp courses, and now they are 1500 live trainings every month for different courses. PMP training by Simplilearn comes with 90 days of access to a flexible online course with live classes.

Profile of instructor – No prior information is available about instructors. Simplilearn claims to have top instructors in the industry.

Batch size – Smiplilearn also, doesn’t provide any information regarding the batch size of their PMP BootCamp. However, seeing their popularity, they could have larger batch sizes.


You could choose any of these PMP training in India to prepare for the exam. If you find out the information about the trainer of your batch go through his LinkedIn profile and make sure that you will get enough attention during the classes.

Best of luck with your career.

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