Review of Udacity – Top Things To Know About Udacity

review of udacity

You will get a review of Udacity in the article.

Udacity is an online learning platform. It is a platform to learn courses.

The Udacity is founded in 2011 through “Stanford University”. It was founded as a free E-learning platform for Computer Science Students. Since then it has transformed a lot.

I was searching for a course on the web. Udacity, the name, came to my light. I started digging deeper in Udacity. 

It is an approved platform by most of the firms.

This platform surprises me at every moment.

I could see the learning is from firms like- Google, Amazon, etc.


Review of Udacity

The name Udacity itself came from “audacious for you, the student”. Udacity focuses on giving university style learning to students, but now it is more focused on providing the vocational course for professional where anyone can come & learn new skills or update their skills.

Let me, first of all, introduce you to the positive sides of this online learning platform:-

1. Well Designed Curriculum of Each & Every Course

The curriculum of each course from Udacity has been designed and developed by some of the best experts in the industry. Udacity have tried their best to provide the well-defined tracks of learning so that people like you & me can understand it easily & properly. We don’t have to wander if we don’t know from where we have to start our course journey. Just go step-by-step, and we can learn whatever we want.

2. Excellent Quality of Content

Video lectures from Udacity are of excellent quality, as they have been prepared by an expert from companies like Google, AMAZON, Kaggle, AT&T, etc. These guys have made it sure that there is not even a small quality lacking in any of the videos. Due to constant efforts from guys like these video lectures on Udacity are very entertaining & easy to understand even for a guy who has no prior experience of coding.

3. Practice Problem to Boost Our Knowledge

If anyone wants to boost their knowledge, a good practice is, first of all, any test on that topic. But finding a test on a single topic is very tedious work as most tests come with whole course content. But Udacity has a solution for this.

They provide Quizzes & tests for each & every topic that we have completed. This is a standard & good practice to check our knowledge. If you pass the test, just move-on & if not then just go through study materials & video lectures provided in the course to get more out of it.

Udacity provides us topic-wise tests & quizzes that we have studied. Passing these gives us an idea that we have successfully gained some knowledge & can move to the next topics.

4. Hands-on Experience

Wants to get some industry levels experience, then Udacity can help you in this field. Udacity comes with a unique idea where we have to submit some projects in order to get some experience. These projects will be based on real-time industry experience.

The projects help us to get some extra knowledge & they can also be helpful to showcase our the experience to our employers. These projects are very much accepted in industries & can also help to increase our experience.

5. User-Friendly Interface

Udacity comes with a very simple & attractive user interface. We don’t have to really bother what we are going to get in terms of Interface. The Interface is really simple for every person. This comes in handy if we are browsing a new course or may be looking for some of the study material with the platform.

6. Land Your Dream Job Through Udacity

Finding a job for fresher is very tedious work these days. But Udacity can help you with that. They came across a unique program, called Nanodegree which guarantees you a job call.

This could be a healthy bit for fresher or for those looking for a new job or a job change. This is one of the best USP (Unique Selling Point) from Udacity.

7. Personalized Feedback

Got a doubt, get personalized help from the most talented mentors or instructors itself. These mentors are well updated with the knowledge of their subject. Udacity got mentors from companies like- Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. These mentors provide all the help that we need. We can literally ask anything about our subject from these talented mentors.

8. Money-back Guarantee

Udacity comes with a feature in which if you don’t land in a job after completing a course, you are free to ask your money back. So this property removes the fear from us that if we going to lose our hard-earned money if we don’t find any job.

9. Get Hired Through Udacity

Udacity has a dedicated portal where companies hire candidate like you & me. Udacity has tie-ups with 100+ global companies in which they consume candidate. Some of the companies include- Google, AT&T, Kaggle, Amazon, etc. So if you want to work for companies like these, then Udacity is for you.

10. Get Knowledge Anywhere, Anytime

You are outside of your home & you forget to carry your laptop, or just sitting idle doing nothing, or getting bored of doing nothing, just take out your mobile & start watching new lessons from Udacity.

Udacity provides a feature in which you can watch a video or read study materials on your mobile phone. This really saves so much to headache as you don’t have to open your laptop each time you want to learn something new. Just take out our mobile & we are good to go.

11. Focuses On Newer Technology

The courses on Udacity focuses mainly on new technology or future technology. Udacity teaches us the technology that will be in demand in future & sue that we are in industry demand always. So this prepares us for your future & make sure that we are not out of the league in the future.

12. Free Courses

Udacity also provides some of the courses free-of-cost. These courses are very well-defined & are up to industry demand. These courses are free for everyone, but it doesn’t lack in quality.

13. Counseling For Choosing The Course For You

If you don’t know which course or which technology suits you than Udacity may help you with this. Udacity has dedicated panels of experts where you can get help from them. They will guide you on the technology that you should choose.

Cons Of Udacity

With all the positive side there is also some negative side of this platform. As nothing in this world is perfect, so is with this platform. Now, let us to the negative side of Udacity.

1. Course Fees is on slightly Higher Side

As it is said, no hidden gems are free in this world, you have to pay a price for that. Same applies for courses from Udacity. The fees of Udacity are on the higher side. They might be costly for someone who is on a tight budget. This is the major drawback that I have come across while researching about Udacity.

2. Not Having Enough PracticeProblem For Some Of The Courses

Some of the courses from this website are great & have very large no. of practice problem that you can practice at any time & enhance our skills. But I got to know that some of the courses from Udacity are not having large no. of practice problem for each topic. Udacity is improving day-by-day & I hope that this problem will be sorted out soon by Udacity.

3. Support From Mentors Might Take Sometimes

I don’t think this as a sorted problem as the mentor to have some work to do & might also have a family to care about. But, help from mentors could take some time up to a few days. I hope Udacity will improve this soon.

4. Course Quality Varies

Some of the course from Udacity is excellent & has great content to watch & read. But browsing on many courses I have come to know that some of the courses are not up to its standard of Udacity. This is also good but does not stand on the quality of Udacity.

5. Courses Not Updated

Creating great content takes times. So there is this problem with Udacity. Some of the courses are not properly updated. They are still teaching the course content of history. Course content needs updating fast as this hampers candidate performance in the real world.

6. Fixed update For course Completion

If someone wants to get certified & wants to apply for the job through Udacity than you have the complete the certification in a fixed amount of time. any time sometimes becomes hectic for working professional.

7. No Subtitle

English is not a native language for many around the world. The accent of English language & speed of learning is different for everyone, So due to this reason, I suggest that if they could provide with the subtitle of the videos then that could be great for all people around the world.

Final Thoughts

Some piece advice for the candidate from my side – Udacity is a great learning platform for everyone, especially for the candidate looking for the job. Nothing in the world could be perfect.

But looking at the Udacity E-learning platform it’s quality, its content, & all other features, I can conclude that it is worth spending every penny. You guys can give up a thump-up for this platform. You can choose & learn whatever you want on this platform.

Over To You

Let me know your thoughts about Udacity.

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