Treehouse Review 2023: Top 7 Benefits That You Didn’t Know

Treehouse review

Do you want to know about Treehouse review? Read on. You will find my analysis and evaluation of Team Treehouse online learning platform in this article. is a leading eLearning platform. It is mainly oriented towards IT workers and developers. It would be a good fit for you if you are into coding or are looking to make a career in programming. If offers courses on mobile app development, Python, Java programming, web design, and a many other technologies.

I came across Treehouse during my search for good e-learning platforms. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. You can learn practically any technology at a very low monthly subscription cost. You can enroll into any of its course through a monthly subscription.

I have written this article after examining and analyzing various features of Team Treehouse. You will find my evaluation and assessment about pricing, subscription plans, learning tracks, and Techdegree in this article. You will also get to know pros and cons of Team Treehouse platform that will help you in deciding if this is a right platform for you.

I would suggest you to take Trehouse’s free trial before reading this article further. This was you will be able to follow the description of features written in this article.

Treehouse Review

What Is TreeHouse?

The treehouse was founded by Ryan Carson in 2011 in Orlando, Florida. The company has raised a few rounds of investors money since its inception to expand its operations. It is currently headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

According to Treehouse’s website, the company works with the following mission:

Treehouse brings affordable technology education to people everywhere in order to help them achieve their dreams and change the world.

TreeHouse Courses

At the time of writing this article, Treehouse had 300+ courses on 23 subjects. It had 50,000+ students.

Most of the Treehouse courses are focused on technology and programming. You can learn coding topics like PHP, Ruby on Rails, iOS development, Android development, and JavaScript. There are also some content oriented courses like courses on web designing, business, marketing, Photoshop, and a few more.

A course is a combination of videos lectures, projects, and quizzes. The videos provide theoretical aspect of a subject whereas project give the practical orientation. The quizzes help in testing and validating the knowledge. You need to score a minimum marks in the quiz to pass. This way students get the complete and in-depth knowledge of a topic.

Using a unique feature called “Code Playground”, you can experiment with the and make changes to the project code. It should you the results of your changes right away.

You can enroll into any listed course if you have an active subscription.

Learning Tracks

Treehouse has put together a sequence of courses on the same subject into bundles, which are called learning tracks. The courses are put in a predefined sequence. The courses start at a beginner level and move up to the advance level.

Under Treehouse subscription, you can either opt for a course or you can go through an entire learning track. The tracks give you an option to learn a subject completely in a step by step manner. If you opt for a learning track, it is not necessary to do all the course. You can skip courses if you want to.

Some of the popular learning tracks are:

  1. Front end web development
  2. Full stack JavaScript
  3. Java web development
  4. Object-oriented PHP
  5. Rails development

Tracks are useful for an in-depth and streamlined knowledge of a subject.

Treehouse Techdegree

In my opinion  a Techdegree is the best on this platform. This plan will cost you $199/Month. This is extremely steep for most people but there are various benefits of this plan. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Real life projects – This is the best part of this plan. You will be given some projects to work on. In this way, you can increase your hands-on knowledge. This helps you get a real-time experience of the project similar to that of the industry. This will help you to create a professional portfolio which can be represented to the potential employer.
  2. Peer Review – Don’t worry if you have done something wrong within the project you can always get it reviewed by the experts.
  3. Private Cohort Community – You will also have access to  a community of personal coders just like you. You can post your query & also provide answers to the query of others.
  4. Offline Viewing – In this plan, you can download the videos for offline viewing. In this way, you can learn whenever or wherever you want. You don’t have to wait for Wi-Fi or mobile signal anymore.

Treehouse Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

Treehouse offers a three plans to cater to different needs. These are:

1. Basic ($25/Month)

This plan is good for most individuals. You can enroll into any listed course that you want. It has high quality video courses with all the interactive tools and community support from students.

The main drawback of this plan is that you will not be able to view videos offline (you can’t download the course videos).

2. Pro Plan ($49/Month)

This plan also provides full access to the Treehouse’s course library. It has all the features of Basic plan,. In addition, you can watch talks from industry leaders and enjoy exclusive bonus content

Video downloading option for offline viewing is the best part of this pan. You can save some Internet bandwidth and learn anywhere & anytime.

3. Techdegree ($199/Month)

In this plan you will get all the benefits of Basic + Pro plan. It gives you additional benefits that include live projects and review & recommendations from experts. The details of this plan are described in the previous section.

Treehouse Plan Prices

Treehouse Instructors

Treehouse’s courses are created and maintained by a team of expert instructors. It has both full time and guest teachers. Unlike many other platforms where teachers are not screened, Treehouse maintains a strict quality standards.

Most of the courses are created by full time instructors but Treehouse also employs guest teachers to fill the expertise gap. The number of courses crafted by guest teachers are much fewer.

Teamtreehouse instructors


You can check the bio of the instructor by clicking on their name. Among other things, it will tell you about the courses created by this teacher.

You can check the list of teachers here.

Industry Partners

Treehouse has partnered with some of the leading companies in the world. These partnerships have helped Treehouse in developing their courses.Treehouse Partnership

With the help of the partner companies, they have really pushed themselves to the next level in terms of their content creation.

Is Treehouse Worth It?

Treehouse Pros

  1. Exposure to practical learning with real life projects.
  2. Complete in-depth learning from the learning tracks.
  3. Thriving students’ community
  4. Extensive students support and resources.
  5. Low monthly cost.
  6. Dedicated focus – only technology courses.
  7. Expert in-house instructors.
  8. Courses reviewed by the experts.

Treehouse Cons

  1. This platform is suitable only for the technology workers. This is the USP as well as a drawback of Treehouse. If you are not into programming then this platform is not for you.
  2. The number of listed courses is much less than the competing platforms.

Final Recommendation

In my opinion, Treehouse is one of the best platforms for programmers and coders. The platform might help you in finding an entry-level technology jobs. You can start with their regular subscription but I would suggest you to take a look at their Techdegree. You can evaluate Treehouse offerings by looking at its free trials.

Try Techdegree Free

Try Treehouse Basic Free

Over To You

Are you planning to buy Treehouse subscription? Which feature did you like most? Which learning platform suits your need the most?

Let me know what you think about Treehouse in the comments below.

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