Udemy Excel Course Review: The Best Training Class of 2023

Udemy Excel Course ReviewYou might be looking Udemy Excel course review and want to buy the best Microsoft Excel training.

You will find a ratings and ranking of basic and advanced tutorials of Excel available of Udemy eLearning platform in this article including programs from Kyle Pew and Leila Gharani.

I have been using Udemy for a very long time. In the process, I have developed a formula to find the best courses on Udemy. I have used the same formula to find the top programs.

You will find the list of top Udemy Excel classes in the section below.

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Udemy Excel Course Review

Udemy has a ton of programs on MS Excel. At the time of writing this article, there were close to 10,000 Excel Courses on Udemy. This makes finding a good class on Udemy very difficult.

Udemy Excel Course Review

Here is the list of top Udemy Excel courses – basic, advanced and VBA courses.

Course Title Author/Publisher Video Length (in hours) No. Of Students Enrolled Students’ Rating
Excel Charts: Visualization Secrets for Impressive Charts Leila Gharani 8.5 12,336 usr [4.6]
Microsoft Excel – Data Visualization, Excel Charts & Graphs Chris Dutton 4.5 34,827 usr [4.6]
Visually Effective Excel Dashboards Leila Gharani 11 31,048 usr [4.6]
Master Microsoft Excel Macros and Excel VBA Kyle Pew 5 31,818 usr [4.5]
Unlock Excel VBA and Excel Macros Leila Gharani 22.5 59,933 usr [4.6]
Microsoft Excel – Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables Maven Analytics, Chris Dutton 6.5 70,477 usr [4.6]
The Ultimate Excel Programmer Course Daniel Strong 12.5 92,961 usr [4.5]
Excel Essentials: The Complete Excel Series – Level 1, 2 & 3 Alan Jarvis 27.5 53,343 usr [4.6]
Microsoft Excel – Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions Maven Analytics, Chris Dutton 7 112,066 usr [4.6]
Microsoft Excel – Excel from Beginner to Advanced Kyle Pew, Office Newb LLC 16 326,042 usr [4.6]

Top Uses Of Excel

MS Excel has a lot of utility in daily life and business. Following are some of the areas where you can use and apply Excel:

  1. Calculation – Excel has made Calculation very simple. You just need to put the data in and you are good to go.
  2. Accounting – When it comes to accounting, Excel could one of the best options. You can do pretty much everything in Excel from an accounting perspective. You can do budgeting, expense tracking, financial reports and more. Excel
  3. Inventory Tracking – You can manage and track your inventory using Excel. Tracking Inventory can be a headache. But Excel makes handling it easier.
  4. Making Schedules – Excel has made scheduling very simple and easy to use. You can put in your data and organize accordingly.
  5. Goal and Planning – Just take out the calendar and you can set the goal. You can even plan for days, months and even years.
  6. Creating Checklists – Excel has made checking of things very simple. You can easily create a checklist of to-do things.
  7. CRM – Need a light-weight CRM to say the top of mind for your customer? You can do it in Excel.
  8. Mailing List – You can easily create a mailing list in Excel. This will assist you in e-mailing you customers regularly so as to keep them engaged.

I have just listed a few application of Excel. There are many others benefits of using Excel. It is widely used by a wide variety of professionals like:

  1. Data Analysts
  2. Metrics and Analytics Specialists
  3. MIS Executives
  4. Financial Analysts
  5. Market Research Analysts
  6. Data Engineers
  7. Data Analytics Architects
  8. Data Solution Architects.

Final Thoughts on Best Excel Classes

Working knowledge of Excel is extremely important in today’s job environment. Whether you are a student or working for a large corporation, Excel will prove to be useful. Udemy provides one of the cheapest solutions to learn Excel.

You can learn Excel by clicking on one of the above courses chosen by me or directly going to Udemy to choose one for yourself.

Over To You

Which other courses on Udemy did you find useful? Which course(s) did you choose and why?

Do let me know in the comments below.

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