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Udemy Javascript

Often times finding the best course on Udemy Javascript is a bit tricky. You might be putting your lots of hour with no result at all. Udemy is just a wonderful platform to learn online courses at a very cheap price. But that one error could frustrate you. So, I came up with a solution to put the best selling courses of Udemy JavaScript here. You can try a few courses from the list. You wouldn’t be disappointed with the list.

Find a reliable technology that could help us in career growth is a headache. There is lots of programming language to choose from. But which one to rely upon, which one will help us in our future growth? JavaScript is one of those languages that could help us to prosper our future. JavaScript is one of the few hottest trends in this era.

You want to learn JavaScript, but your mind is filled with questions like where I can learn JavaScript, how can I start learning or which are the reliable & trusted platforms where I can learn JavaScript. Let me first of give you guys some details of JavaScript. As you go through this article you will get to know more about JavaScript. You guys will know Application, Advantages & career scope of JavaScript Programming.

Udemy JavaScript

JavaScript is a high- level, dynamics & interpreted computer programming language used primarily for web pages. It is after JavaScript that web pages have come into life. It makes web pages interactive pages. Along with HTML & CSS, JavaScript is one of the 3 core programming languages of the website. Without the use of JavaScript, it is just impossible to make WebPages interactive. So this tells us the importance of JavaScript. It allows client-side (user’s computer) script to communicate with a user.


Applications of JavaScript

JavaScript is primarily applied to the following field.

  1. It can be used to generate cookies.
  2. You can do programming without the use of a server, or its interaction.
  3. Javascript can respond to events such as the search box click or any button click.
  4. JavaScript can verify data (if it is correct or not) before sending out a request to the server.
  5. With the help of Javascript, you can adjust HTML for a special purpose.

Best Udemy Javascript Courses

Course TitleAuthor/PublisherVideo Length (in hours)No. Of Students EnrolledStudents’ Rating
1 Hour JavaScriptJohn Bura123,187[usr 4.3]
JavaScript For Beginners – Learn JavaScript From ScratchRobin Haney325,514[usr 4.2]
The Complete JavaScript Course – Beginner to Professional Codestars by Rob Percival, Laurence Svekis, Rob Percival33.59,826[usr 4.4]
JavaScript Bootcamp – Build Real World Applications Code And Create, George Lomidze, Lasha Nozadze16.513,135[usr 4.4]
Advanced JavascriptAsim Hussain6.518,151[usr 4.5]
ES6 Javascript: The Complete Developer’s GuideStephen Grider632,242[usr 4.5]
Modern JavaScript From The BeginningBrad Traversy21.551,848[usr 4.7]
JavaScript: Understanding the Weird PartsAnthony Alicea11.5139,231[usr 4.7]
The Complete JavaScript Course: Build Real Projects!Jonas Schmedtmann28273,652[usr 4.6]

Advantages of JavaScript

There are various advantages of using JavaScript as compared to other programming languages.

  1. Provide Immediate Feedback– As JavaScript is a client-based programming language, so feedback is very fast as we don’t have to wait for the page to load.
  2. Uses Less Server Interaction – It can help to save lots of loads of traffic on the server. We can verify or check the user input before sending the page to the server thus reducing server interaction.
  3. Very Fast Speed – As being client-side, JavaScript is very fast. We don’t have to make any contact with the server.
  4. Popularity – JavaScript is very popular in the Web industry. Most of the companies use JavaScript to make their website.
  5. Simple In Implementation – JavaScript is very simple to learn & execute. This programming language can be learned & implemented by any new one with ease.
  6. Has Versatility – Nowadays JavaScript can be used through many other programming languages. It can comply through Node.Js. Through JS, we can now make a full front-end application.
  7. Can Create Interface – Rich interferences can be made with the help of Javascript. You can create drop-down menus, sidebars, etc. using JS.

Final Thoughts

As our world is becoming more & more digital, We are in constant need of the website. JavaScript is the native language of the web, so its demand is increasing day-by-day. Because of this JavaScript is receiving more & more attention from developers.

So learning JavaScript Programming could help in our career growth. As more & more world is becoming digital, we could give JavaScript a try.

Over To You

Let me know in the comments below which Javascript course you go with.

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