Can Udemy Courses Get You A Job And Help In Your Career?

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You might be wondering if Udemy courses can get you a job. Or, if they can help you in career and get you promotions.

In my opinion, Udemy courses can help you in getting a job but you too will have to put in some work before you can expect that something will happen. Udemy provides 100,000+ courses and many of them will equip you with job-oriented skills. You can certainly use their certificates to embellish your resume and showcase your knowledge during an interview.

However, Udemy also provides hobby-oriented courses, which include video courses on yoga, dancing, gardening, and photography, etc. Such courses may not be directly helpful in your career.

I have written this article to help you understand the utility of Udemy certifications for career development. The article presents pros and cons of taking up a course at Udemy platform. It does not contain the full review of Udemy and focuses only on the aspects that are related to jobs and careers.

Among the pros, Udemy certificates accentuates your resume by helping you gain diverse and complementary knowledge on the subject of your choice. It also provides you with the ability to stay relevant in the job market and gives you a chance to showcase that you have the zeal for educational continuity.

Let’s understand out if Udemy is suitable for your career needs or not.

How Can Udemy Courses Get you a Job?

Udemy offers courses across different verticals to help you ascend in your career. After all, skills add to your valuable abilities when it comes to the development of your job and career. Also, professional courses offered at Udemy, help you meet the requirements for jobs. They even help accession in career to more advanced positions within your organization.

The platform offers professional courses across business, marketing, and personal development portfolios. There are also classes on many career-related topics. Such as, courses on cybersecurity, IT certifications, foreign languages, coding, and office productivity. Udemy courses help balance learning with work obligations.

There are several benefits of Udemy certificates and courses. Here are some of the ways in which these courses can help you in your job and career:

1. Develop Experience and Knowledge

Udemy offers several courses that can help you gain knowledge in your choice of subject. For example, a Certification in Digital Marketing and Communication from Udemy in “12 Courses in 1” offers you composite learning of the process of developing an online business from scratch. It can help you to land up a job as a digital marketer or even secure work as a freelance marketer. To ascend in your career, it can help you learn the money-making process as an Affiliate Marketer.

However, care needs to be taken that you select the trending courses. The trending courses highlights the skills needed in the job market. It is thus essential to select a job-oriented course that can provide you the required push to succeed at your job and career. The courses enable you to develop skills that remain relevant with respect to the rapidly evolving marketplace.

2. Udemy can Get you a Job Interview Call

The courses offered at Udemy provide you a platform by strengthening your resume and enabling you to get an interview call. The interview panel always intends to seek if you are the right candidate. This helps them decide the worth of their future investments on you. Udemy courses highlight your additional skill sets above the degree to provide you an edge. However, it is the candidate who needs to put out these skills on the display. This only strengthens the chances to secure a job and even movement in career ahead.

3. Udemy can help you to Upgrade your Skills

There are several subjects that are covered by the course curriculum throughout your schooling and a college degree. However, Udemy courses give you an opportunity to grow your skills. The courses help you understand the subjects from the perspective of a beginner. They then allow you to grow your knowledge and become an expert in the field. For example, the courses offered on Udemy ‘Excel from Beginner to Advanced.’ This course takes you through beginner to advanced skill level in Excel software. Also, it introduces you to the versatility of the software that can be used to progress in your skillset.

Apart from this, Udemy offers courses that provide individuals with opportunities to learn about the latest trends. The platform to help its users constantly updates popular and trending topics. These provide the user with a chance to enhance the skills they already possess.

Udemy jobs Popular and trending topics

4. Udemy can help you in Getting Promotions

Getting promoted starts with doing your job well. However, it is not enough alone and you would need to prove that you have the skills to take on a bigger role. Udemy gives you this opportunity to upgrade your knowledge and sharpen your skills to make you promotion worthy.

Also, while giving promotions, employers prefer educational continuity. From this perspective, Udemy gives you the opportunity to continue your education. Also at the same time, it enhances your chances to attain your promotions.

5. Pocket-friendly Courses

Udemy offers various courses at very competitive prices. The price varies from from time to time and country to country but most of the time you can buy a course for about $10. Furthermore, Udemy courses never expire. Once you buy them, they are available for your lifetime.

You can then start learning without spending a lot of money. All you need to do is select the course that suits your learning needs the best.

Udemy offers you the platform to grow a wide range of skills and showcase it to your employers. All this is available at your preferred convenience as all the courses are self paced courses. You do not need to travel to institutes or colleges. Rather, just learn from the comfort of your home.

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6. Gain Complementary Knowledge

Apart from providing the opportunity of enhancing your skills, Udemy offers individuals the option of gaining complementary knowledge. For example, with knowledge, on subjects such as ‘Photography Masterclass: A Complete Guide to Photography,’ the platform offers allied courses such as ‘Portrait Photography: Creative Tips & Ideas for Great Images’ and ‘Landscape Photography: Creating Visual Eloquence.’ These offer opportunities to increase the appeal of the basic skill and enhance and grow it furthermore.

7. Certificates Look Good on Resume

Earning a certification on Udemy demonstrates your passion for learning a specific skill. On your resume it acts as evidence of your specific expertise. Your resume is more strengthened if the certification is from a reputed platform.

Also, including certifications on your resume provides a chance for you to highlight the skills that set you apart from your peers. In this way, your potential employer is also informed of your improved reputation. Certifications require dedication as they are time-consuming and difficult to earn and make you more qualified in a competitive job market.

8. Add the certificate to your LinkedIn profile

It’s human nature to share one’s achievements. So, as soon as you become certified in your choice of course at Udemy add it to your LinkedIn profile. This can begin the spread of news among your colleagues, current employers, and social circle. It also makes your profile attractive for other potential employers on the platform too.

The value of Udemy certificates increases when they are shared with the World.

Why Udemy may not be Worth your Time?

Stating all the benefits that Udemy has to offer with regards to you career prospects the courses have some limitations too. These limitations make Udemy not a preferred platform for you when you are looking for an accreditation based certificate course. They also do not strengthen your career prospect when you do not have the required degree that makes you eligible for the job in the first place.

Finally, you might not be convinced by some hobby courses that are offered by the platform. However, these are important to provide you some cool downtime as well as personal development.

Here are some reasons that I can think that may make you feel that Udemy is not worth your time. These include:

1. Udemy does not Provide you with a Degree

What Udemy certification does is reiterate your skills or even enhance them to enable you to become an expert on the topic. However, sometimes employers for job prospects or career growth can be looking for higher education degrees. In such cases, Udemy certificates are only useful when you already have a degree in the field required by a prospective employer.

2. Udemy Certificates are not Accredited

It is also important that you know that certificates provided by Udemy are not backed up by any institution or university. Hence, the certificates gained on the platform are not useful for you if you want accreditation. What you can rather do is go for certification of platforms such as Coursera or Edx. These platforms are recognized by universities.

3. Udemy also Offers Hobby Courses

Udemy offers a bouquet of hobby courses. You can pick up skills on gardening, photography, and beekeeping among other courses on the platform. However, these are definitely not worth your time when your sole goal is inclined towards job and career prospects. These hobby courses, nevertheless allow you to have a better work-life balance. They can create joy help you in your personal development and keep you less stressed.


Udemy is a legit eLearning platform. It is a great way to continue education at a very low cost in your spare time. I think you should buy a few related courses that can enhance your knowledge and help you in getting interview calls.

If you have your mind on a course, I would recommend that you wait out before taking it. You should wait for promotions and discounts that come every month. Udemy comes out with fantastic discount offers for a very short duration. During these times, it marks down courses to 90-95% of their original price.

Even if you feel that Udemy cannot 100% help you in your career, there is little harm in buying its courses. They cost next to nothing.

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