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Get Best Rated Course – Udemy Python Course Review

You will find Udemy Python Course Review and best python courses in this article.

Python is one of the most demanding programming languages of this time. So, I thought why not show you some of the top programming courses on Python from Udemy.

I have extensively used Udemy in my college life. For the obvious reason, it is cheap. I had little to no money, so this was my only support. I have gained a lot from the courses.

Udemy really has dozens of course on its platform. This makes sense of choosing a good course.

Udemy Python Course Review

Before jumping into the course review let me give you guys with a quick glimpse of Python.

Python was created in 1991 by “Guido van Rossum”. It is open course software (which means it is totally free to use by everyone) & has a community-based development model. It very is easy to use & is an object-oriented language. It contains great sets of built-in data types.

Python is one of the interpreted languages so it can be reviewed by simply having a look at the code.

But why should you learn python??

There is lots of reason to learn python programming. It is one of the fastest growing programming languages in this modern world. Some of the key features of Python are as below.

Easy application & easy learning – Learning Python programming is very simple. It is even recommended to beginner or very advanced level person. Its application is equally simple.

Very popular & widely acceptable – It is one of the most popular languages among programmer. It compatible on most of the bigger platform even on smaller one too.

Libraries – It has huge no. of libraries which are available for direct implementation. This huge no. of libraries provides an extra edge to python as it makes programming very simple.


The applications of Python are as follow.

General purpose programming – we can create both command line & GUI based application at the same time.

Web services – python has tons of libraries & API to apply to web services. They can handle huge no. of request per seconds. So it could be suitable for web services too.

Data Science & Machine Learning – One of the biggest applications of python occurs in the field of data science & machine learning. Python is best suitable for these two fields.

Analytics – Python plays a very key role in the field of Analytics. Python can be used to any type of Analytics ranging from Financial Analytics, Data Analytics, Financial modeling, etc.

So, learning python can give a boost to your career. But finding a suitable course is a bit tricky. It’s purely a headache when comes to find a course that suits you.

So lets we go forward & find some of the best Udemy python course.

Best Udemy Python Course

Here is the list of Top Udemy Python Course.

Course Title Author/Publisher Video Length (in hours) No. Of Students Enrolled Students’ Rating
Machine Learning A-Z™: Hands-On Python & R In Data Science Kirill Eremenko, Hadelin de Ponteves, SuperDataScience Team, SuperDataScience Support 41 542,767 [usr 4.5]
Learn Advanced Python Programming Bilal Khan 28.5 5,508 [usr 3.6]
Python and Django Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp Jose Portilla 32 101,102 [usr 4.5]
Python 3 Complete Masterclass – Make Your Job Tasks Easier! Mihai Catalin Teodosiu, Python Developer, Python Tutorial I/O 16 7,008 [usr 4.5]
Python for Finance: Investment Fundamentals & Data Analytics 365 Careers 8.5 57,646 [usr 4.5]
Python for Beginners with Examples Ardit Sulce, PythonHow 4 91,565 [usr 4.3]
Learning Python for Data Analysis and Visualization Jose Portilla 21 140,298 [usr 4.3]
The Python Bible™ | Everything You Need to Program in Python Ziyad Yehia, Internet of Things Academy 9 81,330 [usr 4.6]
Python 3 Network Programming – Build 5 Network Applications Mihai Catalin Teodosiu, Python Developer, Python Tutorial I/O 11 22,110 [usr 4.6]
Learn Python Programming Masterclass Tim Buchalka, Jean-Paul Roberts, Tim Buchalka’s Learn Programming Academy 49.5 158,851 [usr 4.5]
Complete Python Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero in Python 3 Jose Portilla 24 853,137 [usr 4.5]
Python Automation for Everyone Vijay Saini 4.5 3,612 [usr 4.5]
Python GUI Programming DoEdu IT Educations 2.5 11,545 [usr 3.7]
Python: Everything you need to know to become a developer Experts with David Bombal, Chuck Black 4 13,362 [usr 4.4]
Python Fundamentals Sanjin Dedic 4.5 10,040 [usr 4.2]
The Complete Python Course: Go From Beginner To Advanced! Joe Parys, Syed Raza, Joe Parys Academy, ClayDesk E-learning 14 20,401 [usr 3.8]
Data Analysis with Pandas and Python Boris Paskhaver 19 124,113 [usr 4.6]

You can choose any course from the above list and start your learning.

The sooner you start, the better it will be for your career. You get more time to play with the code. This will help you in your learning.

Final Thoughts

I have tried my best to provide you with all trending & best Udemy python course review. 

Python is one of the highest demanding languages of this era. Python is a high-level programming language used for general purpose programming. With the help of python, we can perform a wide range of operations ranging from Software Development, Software Testing, Big Data Analytics, Data Analytics, complex mathematics operations, etc.

With this said, it is worth to learn Python in this era. 

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