Udemy Review 2023: Top 10 Amazing Facts To Love Its Courses

Udemy review

Are you looking for Udemy review? You might have looked and Udemy online learning platform and are contemplating about buying its courses.

I have done detailed analysis and evaluation of Udemy’s features and offerings. My review of Udemy suggests that  it is good for most people. It has a wide range of courses at abysmally low prices. Furthermore, you get lifelong access to the courses that you buy. It offers multiple couses on a single subject to give you options and choices. Read on and you will find about many other advantages of Udemy.

I came to know about Udemy during the final year of my engineering graduation. I was looking to make my career in technology and programming. But I lack money & was looking for free courses. I found a few but alas they were no good. Either they were too thin, poorly done, & lacking depth or they wanted huge money for issuing a certificate.

My search for free courses did not yield any result. However, I found Udemy. It had a few free courses but the cost of its paid courses was also very low. I reviewed Udemy’s offerings and instantly fell in love with it.

I think you too will start liking Udemy after reading my review. Let me share my perspective on the platform, its courses, pricing, the value of the certificate, and a few other things in this article.

Udemy Review

What is Udemy?

Udemy was launched in the year 2010 by Bali, Oktay Caglar and Gagan Biyani. It is an online learning platform. It works on a slightly different model as compared to Academic MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). It uses content from Online Content creator to create their content & sells on this platform. Udemy is totally a free platform to create content.

Udemy provides a platform for the content creator to create content & earn profits from student tuition fees.

You can click here to be a part of this Course.


The instructor on this platform is Industry Leaders. You can find some of the best names in your industry on Udemy. These Instructors comes with lots of information with them. Many of the instructors are highly demanded in the industry.

Let me show you some of the authors on this Platform.

You will find these courses really wonderful & in-depth. You can find all the courses from those authors by clicking on the Author Bio.

You can also check their credentials & professional certificates by clicking on Instructors Bio.

You would also find a few courses from any institute.

Udemy Institute

You can try here.

Mobile App

Udemy comes with a mobile app to support its reader. But you might wonder, “how come Mobile App help you?”
By using the mobile app, you no longer have to carry your laptop everywhere. You can learn at any time, any place. Nobody likes to carry their laptop all the time. So, it’s a good point to consider.

You can click here to download the app.

Udemy supports the majority of the Mobile Platforms (be it Android or iOS).

The mobile app from Udemy has all the features that you will find on their Desktop Version.

Pricing and Cost

Let’s discuss the price & cost of Udemy. The Udemy comes with a price range of $20-$199.99. There is always a sale running on Udemy – isn’t it a cool thing?

So most of the time you can get the course for as low as $9.99. This is one of the biggest advantages of using Udemy.

Check the prices here.

Refund Policy of Udemy

Udemy offers a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. So, if you opt for a course and just in a few days’ time you realize that you are not satisfied with it you can get you money back.  In the 30 days that you have prior to asking for refund you are free to access the course.

This also makes Udemy a favorable platform to try out different courses which you wouldn’t be comfortable in investing otherwise.

Wide Range of Courses

Udemy offers a wide range of courses to choose from. It is one of the platforms that cater all need. It is an all-in-one platform. So, you could find any course on Udemy. Whatever your need will be, you will never go empty-handed.

You will be able to find courses from all the niches like technical, music, arts or any hobby classes. It is just the ocean of online course.

Most of the course has a lot of topics to choose from. If you search on any topics, you will get 1000s of courses on that topic.

This is one of the advantages of Udemy but sometimes this might create confusion to you. I have written a post on How To Find Best Courses On Udemy – General Rule

Course Completion Certificate, Value of Certificate

On successful completion of a course on Udemy, you will be awarded a “Course Completion Certificate”. This certificate would be a great thing to showcase your talent to your potential employer.

The certificate will be awarded to you if you have completed all the videos lectures from the course. You can add the certificate to your resume. This could give me an extra edge in your resume.

The certificates from Udemy has not been accredited from any University. So, you can’t get any benefits if you want to pursue higher education. It wouldn’t help you with college credits.

Final Assessment Of Udemy Platform


The USP (Unique Selling Price) of Udemy is that it provides affordable education to all with lifetime validity. Udemy always works at low prices.

Udemy Pros

Here is the list of Top 10 Pros for Udemy: –

1. Course price fits in every pocket

The fees of Udemy is such that it fits in every pocket. The prices on Udemy are made in a way that even a student or even a professional can easily afford the courses. The prices on Udemy range from $20 to $200. Sometimes the courses are on offer of flat $10 each. So, as you can see the prices are not constraints on Udemy.

Udemy Price

Sometimes,. You can buy a course for as low as $10

You can check the prices here.

2. Covers Huge Subject Topic

Udemy has huge No. of authors on their platform. These authors cover a broad range of topics in each field. So, with the help of these authors, Udemy covers almost all the topics on education.

Udemy Course Topic

Udemy has vast no. of topics for each field. So, you can find a course like that of – Photography, drawing, graphics designing or any new technology videos like Data Science, Machine Learning, etc. More new Courses are keeping adding on the platform each day. So, it’s worth giving a try if you want to learn new skills or just want to update your skills.

You can check the topics here.

3. Wide Range of Courses

Udemy covers a wide range of courses on each subject. So, people like you have the option to choose any course from a wide range of courses available on the platform. This gives power to the consumer like you to choose any course out of 100s of course available.

Udemy Courses

Here is the Total No. of courses that I found on Machine Learning.

Thats Insane No. Of Options To Choose From.

4. Udemy Mobile Application

Udemy comes with a mobile application for users like you. This becomes handy when you want to get the learning on the go. So, with the help of “Udemy Mobile Application,” you can watch the videos lectures anywhere, anytime. This greatly helps as you don’t have to carry your laptop each & every time. The “Udemy Mobile Applications” is available on the entire leading platform like – Android, IOS & windows.

Udemy iOS App

You can download the Mobile App here.

5. Offline View

No network, Get out of network coverage??

Happens to all of us at some point in time! Right. So Udemy some with the solution. You can download the course when available on a network. After downloading you can watch the course videos lectures at any time, without worrying about network coverage.

6. Lifetime Access

Once you buy the course on the platform, you are given with the full access to that particular course for lifelong. So, we can view & get the knowledge from the course as long as it is available on the platform.

Udemy Lifetime Access

7. Money Back Guarantee

You subscribed to a course, but soon after watching a few videos you find that this lecture doesn’t suit or it is not worth. Udemy has this unique feature of money back guarantee. In that, you can get your money back within 30 days of subscription.

Udemy Money Back

Get 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee from Udemy.

8. Thorough Knowledge

Courses on Udemy provides its user like you with the in-depth knowledge of the particular subject. So, a user will get the knowledge from a very basic level to very advanced level. Even if the user is new to that particular field, the user will get the knowledge from beginner level to advance a level or medium level.

Udemy Course content

Could you watch here the list of huge list of content here?

9. Certification of Completion

Once your course of video lectures is completed than in that case Udemy awards you with certification. This certificate shows that you guys have completed the video lectures of that course.

This is how your certificate looks like..

The Udemy Certificate could be highly valuable but most of the Udmey courses are not accredited by any institution or university.

10. Downloadable Materials

Most of the best authors have some downloadable materials. These materials are a big add-on to your learning. These study materials give you an extra edge to the learning. They are normally PDFs of some topics.

Udemy downloadable resources

Great No. of Downloadable Materials.

But as it is truly said nothing is perfect in this real world. So, this applies to Udemy too. With all the good things listed above there some drawback or negative things also with this platform.

Udemy Cons

So, the cons of Udemy are listed here: –

1. No Quality Control

Udemy doesn’t control the quality of the courses that are being uploaded on its platform. The quality of the course is decided by the authors themselves. So, the quality of courses depends on the expertise of the authors.

2. No Support from Udemy

Udemy doesn’t provide any support for the courses being offered on their platform. The support is being provided by authors itself. So, this depends upon authors about how active they are to support their subscribers.

3. No Qualification for Authors

On Udemy, there are no criteria needed for authors who are uploading their videos. There is no kind of barrier or standard sets for authors. So, anyone can upload the videos with knowledge on the topic.

4. No Project from Udemy

Udemy does not provide any project on their platform. Projects could add an extra value to your certifications & also help in gaining some knowledge in that field. But absent of projects put some negative points to Udemy courses.

Is Udemy Worth It?

As from above the Udemy Review, I will like to conclude that Udemy could be best for someone willing to learn new technology in the budget. Udemy has some of the best courses available for their platform. Some of the authors are the best in their category.

You need to dig out the best authors & best course in their domain. You also need to keep in mind that after buying courses, you are given lifetime access to that course. So, it could be a great bet as you can learn anytime, anywhere lifelong. Whenever you are needed to get a quick look at any topic, you can open the lectures & watch it again.

So, the answer to the question – Udemy courses worth it? Yes. Pretty much yes.

So, I have given my review of the Udemy platform. So, I will suggest you guys you can try this Udemy platform to gain knowledge. It is worth giving a try.

Udemy Pricing

The Udemy pricing is made such that anyone can get benefit out of this. Udemy prices are pretty much fit in the pocket of anyone. This pricing makes Udemy reachable in the hand of the student, professionals, job seeker, etc.

As Udemy runs on buying courses for the lifetime, Just like a marketplace. So, you have bought each course on Udemy.

Udemy pricing structure is pretty much decent as we can buy courses starting at $20 & it can go as high as $200. But sometimes there is an offer running on Udemy in which you can buy courses as low as $10 each (that’s a very good deal in my view). You can take advantage of this offer.


While researching on the internet about Udemy, I came up with some of the common questions. These are very basic questions but needed some attention. So, here are those questions mentioned below: –

1. Udemy Certificate Value?

Often, I came across a question like is Udemy certificate valid or Udemy certificate value? So, let me clear all your doubts about certification.

After the completion of all the video lectures of any particular subject, you are provided with “certificate of completion”. This certificate is issued from Udemy is to showcase your talent. These are meant to show that you have completed the course from Udemy & you are gained sufficient knowledge on that particular topic.

This certificate is of Industrial Standards & accepted by most of the companies. You can use Udemy certificate in your resume for seeking a job. But this certificate is not a replacement of University Degree. This can show to our employer that I have got knowledge of that particular technology & I can be considered to that particular role.

But again, this totally depends upon you that how much knowledge you have gained from doing that course. So, keep your eyes & mind open, & gain as much knowledge as you can to showcase extra knowledge.

2. Is Udemy legit?

While researching I came up with few questions on Udemy like – Is Udemy legit? Are Udemy courses worth it?

So, I would like to put some light on these types of questions. Let me answer you this in a single word – Yes, Udemy is 100% legal site. There is nothing illegal about Udemy. The authors that have uploaded their videos have put their lots of efforts in doing so. The certificates issued by Udemy are pretty much standard & acceptable in the industry. Udemy is a great marketplace to learn some skills in order to upgrade ourselves.

3. How Can You Udemy Courses Download?

This is again one of the common problems that many guys are searching on the internet. The question revolves around “download Udemy videos”. Persons are confused about downloading the video, they don’t know how to download video lectures on Udemy.

So, let me throw some light on it. So, lets me do it step-by-step: –

First of all, you need to make sure that the videos download option has been enabled by the Author. To check if the download option has been enabled by the author or not, just go through these steps.

  1. We need to move our cursor at the right bottom corner of the gear option. Check if the option is in grey color or not.
  2. If it is grey, then the author disabled the download option.
  3. If the download option is in black color, the author has abled the download option.
  4. If the download option is enabled, click on the download option that we have seen in previous steps.
  5. Udemy will download the videos for you. The quality of videos will match the quality that you have set while watching the videos.
  6. However, if the author has disabled the download, we can message them to make this option enabled. In most cases, authors will agree on your msg. (however, the last right is reserved to authors only.)

We need to move our cursor at the right bottom corner of the gear option. Check if the option is in grey color or not.

  1. If it is grey, then the author disabled the download option.
  2. If the download option is in black color, the author has abled the download option.
  3. If the download option is enabled, click on the download option that we have seen in previous steps.
  4. Udemy will download the videos for you. The quality of videos will match the quality that you have set while watching the videos.
  5. However, if the author has disabled the download, we can message them to make this option enabled. In most cases, authors will agree on your msg. (however, the last right is reserved to authors only.

Who should buy this Udemy?

Udemy is best suitable for working professional who just wants to learn new technology. You can also use Udemy if you want to learn any technology-related topics at a cheap price.

Final Thoughts

Udemy is one of the best platforms to learn anything at a very affordable price. You can go for Udemy if just want to learn anything new. Udemy always helps you to get upgraded with the latest trends & technologies.

I have tried giving my best to provide you with “Udemy Review”. I have tried including all the points that could help you with the course. Hope this could help you to solve your doubts about Udemy.

If you still have any questions or doubts left in your mind do leave me a comment. You can also comment & let me know if I have forgotten something to mention in the above list.

Over To You

Let me know in the comments below which course you want to purchase.

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  1. I did the photography course. Then money went off my credit card. OK so that is how much the course costs. Then the same amount went off the next month. It was a complicated affair to try and stop the deductions. I eventually closed my account and anxiously await to see if more money will be deducted. i don’t think your fee structure is made clear enough when you enter the course. It should be very clearly and BOLDLY stipulated what exactly you are paying for and that it be a once off fee. Will not be following one of your courses again.

    1. Hi Marion, Firstly, I don’t have any course on Udemy. Udemy is a big company and as written in the above article, it has thousands of courses from independent authors. Secondly, I don’t take any payments on behalf of Udemy. Thirdly, a single course on Udemy does not have any monthly payments; just one payment at the time of buying the course. So, are you sure you made payment to Udemy? Lastly, if you have bought a course from Udemy, then you would have received a mail from them.

      I would suggest you to write directly to Udemy to check what happened. Your money will be refunded. Please keep the community updated about your case.

      Best, Yash.

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