Udemy top rated courses

How To Find Udemy Top Rated Courses?

With so many Udemy Course available, it really difficult to find a suitable course. If you are one of them, this article could be helpful for you. In this article, I have described a way to find Udemy top-rated courses.

There could be some new courses might have a poor rating. A new course might also be a high rating as well. Rating is just a half story. You might have to dig a little deeper to find a course that fits your style. There are many other things to look for.

Whether you are a newbie or expert looking to broaden your, Udemy could be a good option for you. Udemy covers a wide range of topics. It targets virtually every aspect of learning. If you are someone who already knows Udemy, you will find this post interesting. If you don’t know Udemy check this out.

As of now, Udemy has 25+ million students with 20,000+ Instructors. It has a wide range of courses, which is 85,000+ courses with 1000+ topics. This wide range of options makes Udemy unique.

Udemy Top Rated Courses

How Does Udemy Rating Work?

All the Udemy courses come with lifetime validity. This means that you would have lifelong access to all the courses you buy on Udemy. You can view these lectures multiple times and at your convenience. Once you complete the course, you will be awarded “Certificate Of Completion”.

After you’ve started or even finished watching the video lectures you need to give a star rating according to your experience of the course. Although giving a rating for a course is not mandatory, it would assist other students while choosing a course as well as the instructors to improve upon them.

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Importance Of Rating

Rating & feedback play an important & crucial role in Udemy. By looking at the rating you can decide if the course is good or not. You can tell through rating if people are liking it or not. A poor rating means people are not liking it. A good rating means the opposite.

But you can’t solely depend on the rating. Udemy top-rated courses might sometimes betray you. sometimes a high rating might not be one you are looking for. You need to look for other factors around. There are many factors you should consider before buying a course.

So, go further & see how to find Udemy top-rated course.

Select Udemy Top Rated Courses

In this phase, I will show you how to hunt for Udemy top-rated course. The steps are as follows.

1. Go to Categories & select the Subcategory that you want to learn into. You can also choose a niche you want to learn.

Categories of Courses

2. I have chosen Data Science for example. Now, as you scroll down you will see something like this.

Data Science Courses

3. When you hit on rating something like below appears. It gives you the option to choose courses based on ratings.

Course Rating

4. I will highly advise you to choose a course with a 4+ rating.

5. Now, you can go on “Sort by” which will open a box like this below.

High Rated Course

6. Select “Highest rated” which will sort the courses based on High Rating.

7. After sorting, some new type, of course, will appear.

Sorted Course

8. Udemy does not simply sort all the courses for you. You must scroll down a little to get the highly-rated course.

These are the steps that you should follow to find a top-rated course on Udemy.

This is an example, you can just follow these steps to search for a top-course on Udemy.

You must select a few courses that you could enroll in. A handful of courses will help you in choosing the best lesson for you.

High rating course is just half-truth. Your hunt will not end till you don’t see all the aspects of course.

Here is the list of things that you should consider –

1. Total No. of Rating – Click on the course that you want to purchase. See the total no. of rating done. If a course has sufficient no. of rating then go for it.

Total No. of Rating

2. View low star comments Low star rating, preferably 1 & 2-star, could tell a great thing about any lessons. By looking into their comments on a 1-2 rating, you will get insight into courses. You will get to know where does this course lacks behind.

Low Rating Reviews

3. No. of students enrolled – As a general thumb rule, higher the students better will be the course. This is not the case every time. You have to look for other factors also.

4. Check Preview – This could be one of the important things to look for. The preview could you the ascent of instructors

These are some of the points that one should always look. If you really want to know how to select the best course, click here.

Final Thoughts

Finding Udemy top-rated courses could be a bit tricky. But if you follow the steps mentioned above, it could be easy. Searching for a perfect course is not headache not more. Udemy is a wonderful platform for online learning. You can learn new skills or update your skills in the budget also.

Do let me know in the comments below, what problem you are facing in choosing a course on Udemy.

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