Udemy Vs Pluralsight: Which One Is Right For You? [2023]

Udemy vs Pluralsight

Udemy vs Pluralsight: You might be thinking which is a better online learning platform among the two.

The is a significant difference between Udemy and Pluralsight. They are hosted at udemy.com and pluralsight.com respectively. Both of them are very large and popular eLearning websites. One platform is not necessarily better than the other as they cater to different type of learners. They have contrasting business models – Udemy sells individual courses while Pluralsight works on a subscription model.

I have written this article to do a side-by-side comparison of Udemy and Pluralsight. In this article, you will find differences related to the subscription & pricing model, type of courses, platform features, customer support, and a few other things.

After reading this article, you would be able to decide which platform is better for your learning needs.

Pluralsight offers a free trial to explore its courses and platform features. I would suggest you take its free trial to closely look at the points written in this article.

Click here to start Pluralsight’s free trial.

Udemy Vs Pluralsight

Udemy is a marketplace for hosting and selling courses on hundreds of different subjects. On the other hand, Puralsight offers technology course related to programming, security and creative subjects.

Udemy sells thousands of courses from independent authors, which are not vetted or employed by Udemy. You will find multiple courses on the same topic from different authors. You can buy any course that is listed on Udemy. Pluralsight works on a subscription model and doesn’t sell individual courses. You can enroll into any of their courses by taking either monthly or annual subscription. The course authors are carefully vetted by the Puralsight.

Udemy Brief Overview

Udemy is like an ocean of online courses. At the time of writing this article, it had 100,000+ courses on its platform. You will find courses on various subjects like Yoga, Mathematics, Software Programming, Musical Instruments, Astronomy etc. Considering the number of courses, it might be the biggest eLearning platform on the planet.

You can buy any of the Udemy courses by paying a small fee, which is often in the range of $10. Udemy gives life time access to the courses that you buy.

The courses offered by Udemy are developed by independent authors who are not employed by Udemy. These authors have their own teaching style and usually there is no standardization across courses.

You will often find multiple courses on the same topic; each one being developed by a different author having different curriculum. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to choose the right course among hundreds of courses that available on the same topic.

Udemy does not maintain a strict control over the content. The course authors are often free to design and create their own courses. Due to this reason, some of the courses are very good while others are questionable. You should use Udemy’s review & rating system to shortlist and buy good courses.

To know more about this platform, you can read complete review of Udemy.

Pluralsight Brief Overview

Pluralsight is vastly different from Udemy. Unlike Udemy, it does not offer courses on everything under the sun. It provides technology related courses on topics like programming, design, security etc. At the time of writing this article, it was offering 6500+ courses on its platform.

You cannot buy individual courses on Pluralsight. You have to buy its monthly or yearly subscription to enroll into its courses. You can enroll into any of its course after taking the subscription.

Along with the courses, Pluralsight offers learning paths. These paths contains sequence of courses for learning a subject completely. You will courses for Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert levels in a learning path. You can either opt for an individual course or do all the courses in a learning path.

Pluralsight maintains a strict quality standard over their courses. The Pluralsight authors are carefully vetted before they can create a course. The courses are reviewed before they are offered to the students.

In addition to courses and paths, Pluralsight offers community forum, mentor support, and industry oriented projects. These features help you to learn practical aspects of a topic.

To know more about this platform, you can read detailed review of Pluralsight.

Side by Side Comparison Between Udemy and Pluralsight

Type of CoursesPlethora of course o many different topicsOnly technology-oriented courses are available
CertificateYes, Certificate after completing every courseYes, Certificate after completing every course
Course InstructorsAlmost anyone can become an instructorInstructors are screened & selected by Pluralsight
Approximate Number of Courses100,000+6,500+
Learning Paths or PlaylistsNo, all courses are independent of each otherYes, View a complete playlist to learn a subject completely in correct sequence
Suitable ForMost of the courses designed for beginnersBeginners to experts. All type of courses are available
Technical Support Availability
Support Page Yes, Click Here Yes
Email SupportYes, you can submit a request here – https://support.udemy.com/hc//requests/new?type=studentYes, [email protected]
Chat SupportYesNo
On Call SupportNoYes, (801) 784-9007 MON-FRI 8AM-5PM (GMT-7)
Course Support Availability
Instructors AssistanceYes, you can send messages to instructors directly but it is up to the instructor to respondNo
Experts AssistanceNoYes, through chat & email
Community ForumYesYes, discussion boards available with courses
Video PlayerYesYes
Mobile AppYes, apps availabe for iOS/AndroidYes, apps availabe for iOS/Android
Top 5 Benefits
A very large no. of courses are availableThere is no limit to course that you can enroll into
Courses on a wide variety of topics are avaiable that are useful for everyoneYou will get expert assistance while learning
Discounted pricing is available around the yearSkill IQ – to help you to know your proficiency level
You can access the purchased course for the lifetimeAdded project work and case studies to learn in a better way
Certificate of completion which can be added to your achievementsCertificate of completion which can be added to your achievements
Detailed Review Udemy Review Pluralsight Review
Course Package
Fee $20 – $199 per course (depends on country) $499- $799 per year (depends on country)
DiscountsYes, almost every week with prices dropping down to $10 per courseYes, sometimes
Access PeriodsLife Time access to all the purchased coursesMonthly and yearly plans
Life Time Access and low priceSkill IQ and project work

Final Recommendation

Udemy and Pluralsight have contrasting business models. The prices and features of these two platforms are not strictly comparable. One is not better than the other – both come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Pluralsight offers subscription plans whereas Udemy sells individual programs. Pluralsight provides better learning support whereas Udemy offers life time value.

You can buy either one of them depending on your learning goals.

Who Should Invest In Udemy?

Udemy is one of the best platforms for online courses at very affordable prices. Udemy can used by anyone who is interested to learn new things. It is most suitable for people who want to learn non-technology subjects. It can be used by technology professionals who want to learn just one aspect of a technology and brush up their skills but I would suggest you to take Pluralsight’s subscription if you want to learn technical subjects.

Who Should Invest In Pluralsight?

Pluralsight provides step by step learning. It is best suited for technology professionals who are looking for real project experience. It is ideal for students who want to learn in-depth about a new technology. It can help you in your career with a new job or promotion.

You can pursue a number of courses at a very low monthly subscription cost. You can start with its free trial to explore its features further.

Over To You

After reading this article, you would have got a better idea about the two platforms and might have decided which one would prove to be beneficial for you.

Let me know your choice and reason for doing so. It will help other people who will read this article. Please share your opinion in the comments below.

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