Udemy Vs Udacity – Which One Suits You Best?

udemy vs udacity

Udemy & Udacity is one of the most influential platforms. Selecting the best platform is most important thing. The right kind of platform will crucial part of your education.

Online education has been catching fire in recent times. Lots & Lots of people, now, choosing online e-learning platforms over traditional method.

With all the options available, you might get confused which choose to choose. As all platforms has some good point & some bad point. Each platform has their USP on which they operate.

In this article of mine, I have done side-by-side comparison of Udemy Vs Udacity. After reading this article of mine, you can clear your mind which platform to select.
Brief Summary of Platform

Platforms Summary

Let me give you a quick summary of both platforms.

1. Udemy

“Amazon of online course”

Udemy has tons & tons of courses on their platform. You can certainly get a course on almost every topic. It is just like AMAZON of online course. There are 85,000+ courses available on Udemy.

Some of the courses are free. Many of the course are as low as $10. There are lots of authors to choose from. You can literally get all sort of courses on this platform. Udemy is a very big platform for online courses.

There are no criteria for authors selections. Anyone can come & upload their course. If their course is good enough, it will get picked up really soon.

2. Udacity

Do you want to land a job

Udacity is totally different from Udemy. Udacity has been partnered with Industry experts to teach technical skills that today’s employers need. Some of their partner includes: – Google, AT&T, Microsoft, Facebook.

Udacity mainly focuses on technical skills. The courses have been created & curated by Industry experts. Udacity also helps in landing a job. This is one of the coolest features of Udacity.

The quality of course is very great. There is almost not a single course which lacking in quality.


Comparisons of Courses

Type of CoursesAlmost All Type Of CoursesBusiness & New Technology
Type Of Certificate?Yes,Certificate of Completionyes, In the forms of credentials
Course AuthorsAnyone can post the coursesAuthors are decided by the Udacity
Approximate Number of Courses85,000+200+
Learning Path AvailableNoYes
Suitable ForBeginnerAny – Beginner To Advanced
Instructors AssistanceYes, Depends upon AuthorYes, Personalised Assistance
Technical SupportYesYes
Course SupportNoYes
Support Through ChatNoYes
Support Through MailYesYes
Video PlayerYesYes
Mobile AppYesYes
Top 5 Benefits
1Huge No. Of CoursesNewly Technologies Course
2Large No. Of Topic To SelectJobs Interview Calls
3Appealing PriceInterview Preparation
4Life Time AccessLearning Path
5Cerificate Of CompletionMentors Assistance
Detailed Review Udemy Review Udacity Review
Course Package
Fee$20 – $299$499 – $2400
DiscountsYes, Most Of The TimeRarely
Access PeriodsLifeTimeFew Months (Depends On Course)
 LifeTime Acces With Appealing PriceJobs Interview


Who You Should Buy Udemy courses?

Udemy is one of the biggest platforms for online courses. There are plenty of course on each & every topic. The person who wants to upgrade their skills can go for Udemy. I will also suggest Udemy to you if you are already doing a job & just want to upgrade their skills.

You can also choose Udemy, if you want to learn some skills as a hobby. The hobby could be like – singing, playing guitar, dancing, etc.

Who should Buy Udacity Course?

As you have seen, Udacity also offer “Job Call”, so this could be best for you if you are student. You can learn new technical skills that are demanded by Employers. If you are a student, then it is definitely a big go for you. You could also find a job from this portal.

“Here is Not All”

Udacity is not just fit for students. But you can also choose this platform, if you need job or looking for a job. If you are not satisfied with your current job, you can choose this platform. You can learn new technology that are in huge demand in Industry.

Coming Back To You

I have done by honest & genuine comparison of Udemy Vs Udacity. If you want to learn any kind of new technology then you can choose any platform. Selection of platform should be done on your preference.

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